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its Just me & my thOughts.. walking Side by side.. on the Sandy beach.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005
from my angel...

somethin to brighten up my desk... :D got it today... send to my office from angel.. kinda surprised when my receptionist called for me.. cos i dun think anyone wld come to see me.. u shld hv seen her face when she read the message attached. ya man.. damn orchard florists dun hv a decent card to go along.. they just 'broadcast' the message for the whole wide world on a plank card.. its like a patch up note.. but actually it was meant to cheer me on at my new office. wasnt expecting this at all.. how sweet~
for yr eyes only...

wow nice bear bear! :p
i'm getting on fine at work but no IM access though...so u won't see me online...zzz

hope u'r doing well at work too besides the special attention from some testosterone-driven beings..LOL  


aRgh!! no chattin allOw?!
sms me yr new email add then~ hOpe its not being monitored kind.. :)

work @ peaceful land is still v fine, its gOd-given! well.. dUn tease me la....  


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