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its Just me & my thOughts.. walking Side by side.. on the Sandy beach.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
the puzzle
I cant believed it! My period works on a 17 days cycle instead of 28 days. No wonder I have been feeling the blues and super lethargic for the past week. And I kept thinking.. cannot be pms la.. so soon meh. And I was proved utterly wrong lor.
Kana 2 times in this month of May. Strike toto also not so jun. Like that uber unfair!! I hv to endure the mess again for tis month!! Sadddddddddddd.

The only consolation I can think of is, it wont be heavy flow, and next week I can be jump, run & be free like a bird when everythin is over. Haha.. stupid biological clock. So screwed up. No wonder feeling hunger pangs all the time. Need to eat!

I think the not so young jap guy in our coy [Maeshi-san] is beri funny. He asked me during lunch what kind of guy i like. so i anyhow said rich or handsome not so important, but must be at least 1.79cm tall. Then he puts on a sad face & tells me, he is only 1.78cm.. 1 cm short of my ideal height. hahahaz.
Monday, May 29, 2006
There are things that I don’t like to do half heartedly. Everytime it happens, im sent into a frenzy emotion state. I struggled to upkeep the appearances. I bent over to balance the exterior cum interior. And if im breezing through my emotions now, I think its best for me to leave it that way.

Thanks, if you managed to survive through the first half of this junk. I have a good news [now, half of my brain is wondering why ‘news’ is always in pural form?!]..
Im gonna defunt this blog.
Friday, May 19, 2006
some updates
sighz.. regretted not bringing my camera to the Phuket trip.. and i left my handphone in the office on the day we are supposed to travel.
shitty luck right? but here are 2 consolation pictures from my colleagues' handphone. those ah qua ones cannot show here la.. censored ;p

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p/s: I think if you are not a fanatic fan of Dan Brown and his Da Vinci Code book. you can give the movie a miss. Its quite crappy.. not doing the book justice, and not doing religious justice. com'on, if you wanna stir shite, you gotta be more convincing then that! throwing around a few codes for Tom hanks to solve, and running around without an obvious sense of danger doesnt keep on the edge of my seat. X-Men III... please dont disppoint moi.

In other news, i think Jolin Tsai's new album '舞娘' is not bad at all. No, im not exactly a Jolin fan, prefer Jay anytime. But she is on repeat mode in my ipod for the moment :) I Love the fast n slow tracks alike. Nothing much for updates now except that nana is 3 months pregnant, wee wee is getting hitched next month, and life for me is, a calm in the cyclone. We call it the Eye.
Wednesday, May 17, 2006
You know how some songs are like that.. when I hear it over the radio, it still brings me 感动. It can after eon years. Im still touched. Even if I don’t really like the artiste who sang it.. or sometimes I cant even remember who sang it. This song from 黎明 is exactly what I’m talking about! I still don’t like him cos he is too sissy. But this song is so forever melancholic that I feel like crying… EVERYTIME it is played on the radio.

My sentimental side can be so overwhelming! i hate.






Counting Down to World Cup 2006...!! Hurray.
'Its when the world doesnt sleep and time differences doesnt exist!'--> fwah, can be the tagline for World cup!!
Tuesday, May 16, 2006
So blardy tired.. felt like i have done so much, but not really accomplishing anything. felt twisted and caught in between. felt pressured mounting from all sides. felt like having a long sleep. But I just got back from long leave didn’t I? Tired, uber tired. Wished I was sleeping for the past 5 days. Wished I stayed near the sea and so I can hear it roar every night. Wished I can feel the sea breeze in my face every morning I wake up. And I don’t mind rolling in green patches of the mountains. Wishful thinking. Wished I can get out of this life and stay in another far away place. Wish to be alone. I think i really need your understanding.
Friday, May 05, 2006
Phuket here i come..
I’m leaving on the jet plane in 3 hours time.
Not exactly la.. I'll be on Silkair.
My only, solely, main itinerary at Phuket will be to R&R. Sleep.
Curl up on the beach chair. Sip cocktail.
& get the team building activities on Sat over and done with!

Lousy me, twisted my ankle while I was juggling my trolley bag, the rain and getting on a cab without getting too drenched.
I hope I can still run abit. Else my teammates’ gonna screw me upside down on sat. :s

Its not difficult to imagine how some stewpit managers are S-holes.
I remain corrected but I wont allow him to affect my mood.
He can go eat shite. Blardyhewl.
Thursday, May 04, 2006
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Happy Birthday RG!!

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I sprung a surprise on the Bday Gal :) Ya, i like gals also ;p

can you believed that all these pretty ladies are married..??
except for me and a long dark hair gal behind [2nd from left, back row]
hmmm, something's wrong with me? i wonder. ;p

Leaving for phuket tmr and i still havent pack my stuff. Grrrrr... Beri tired these days that all i wanna do is sleep. know what? i think i need a good holiday, of jus Lazing [though i hvnt been working v hard lately] hahaz. Travelling are sometimes very tiring you know? Not that i'm complaining lah. Nxt week am preparing for my sis wedding.. then i'm taking 2 days leave for 5 days rest :) sounds great right?

wanna join me? :)

p/s: RG only 23... got a 4 yr old gal liao. Fast!
Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Daisy & Taipei
Yesterday I went to watch the Korean show , its directed by Andrew Lau of Infernal Affairs and Initial D fame. Quite a sad show leh… a lot of times the tears choked up my eyes but its not exactly a tear jerker. You will keep feeling a tugging at your heartstrings. But not to the point of crying out loud. Its just so damn sadz. Anyway I like the gal lead from My Sassy Gal and the guy lead from A Moment to Remember. The guy is 越看越好看!

I declared proudly that I have developed 2 solid calf muscles after my Taipei trip. Walk and walk, muscles aching still walk, the most memorable highlight was sitting on the Miramar Ferris Wheel and going to 淡水. I like all the night markets! A lot of yummy food stuff. But of cos, I behaved a tad weirdly when me is tired and has unsound sleep due to a pillow that’s too soft? Hee… excuses. I saw artiste like 阿雅 & Makiyo on the streets.. but was too stunned to ask for a photo taken.. All in all, I lube Taiwan.

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Anyway, if 5 days made you feel like not looking at the person when you talk, what about a lifetime? Going for trips beat doing a million compatibility tests hands down. Let’s be realistic, it’s not easy to find someone who thinks exactly like you, do things exactly like you. To me, all relationships will come to this point. Especially when both refused to step back for a while and give each other some breathing space. It’s all about compromising in a relationship. It’s easy to say. But its never easy if you are gonna live with the person for the rest of your life? I think. Above all these, I still stick to it that love is a decision. When the feelings are at stake, you are left with responsibility and commitment.
Yes. It goes on.

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