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its Just me & my thOughts.. walking Side by side.. on the Sandy beach.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006
stomach woes
I think this week i have been bingeing a lot.. Correction, it shouldn’t be an assumption cos its already an established truth, I HAVE BEEN BINGEING. You know, like for lunch, there will be an additional chicken wing, or spring roll or calamari.. then dinner, I will be hungry by 715pm and gobble down as much as I can.. been feasting on seafood, curry, chicken wings, carrot cake, roast meat and a lot of other good stuff. My stomach has feel very bloated for the past 2 nights. Indigestion, overeating.. all these point to symptoms of PMS, stress and age. I don’t think my stomach can handle the way I binged on food whenever im unhappy anymore.

Stewpid PMS monster cant be killed no matter how hard I try.

Most things are going wrong, or is it just the way I see them?
I feel like crying.
Monday, July 24, 2006
No Gadgets
My Home PC spoilt… My ipod nano almost spoilt.
All my playlist and songs in the ipod just refused to come out.
I spend the entire weekends without music while traveling [and that gave me less motivation to take bus/mrt, and that spoil my plan of boycotting them cabs who insist on increasing their prices, hefty some more!]

Home PC was spoilt by the princess of the house, my little 5 year old niece. And when being reprimanded, she innocently chirped, ‘Ah....Spoil already buy new one lor!’ Wad audacity! Kids nowadays have no keen sense of moral. To them, its just a matter of, spending more money to rectify the mess they created.

Im kinda blue this Monday, because anyone who knows me well, knows that gadgets are so part of my life.. without them, the world somehow seemed abit dimmer.. no life.

Uber sianz.
Friday, July 21, 2006
HR just announced that they increased our flexi benefits from $1600 to $2200 per annum.
How to leave such a ‘welfared’ company? Gotten an unexpected salary adjustment also.. its like good things all falling from the sky hor?

Got karma or not? I hope the other things that I so desire.. can quickly fall on my lap also. Faster come to mummy!

Got to know a guy, who leave his car at somerset [after work], then WALK to Chinatown.. for a gathering and after that take MRT to go retrieve the car and drive home [after peak hours]? Just to avoid the ERP charges? I know he isn’t the calculative sort.. his thrifty ways put me to so much shame! Here I’m spending money like water… haiz.
Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Wahh... boo hoo hoo~
kana blister on my index finger [middle joint of the inner knuckle there]
pain like hell.. cos the skin was already gone by the time i realised and i saw the red red raw skin underneath, but i was still holding the racket and playing on, without realising the excruciating pain! Until the skin almost peeled off and my brain immediately got the signal. Stewpid brain..

Damn it.

How to wash my hair and come into contact with shower foam without experiencing pain?
aRgh! Cannot even wear contact lens cos the solution will drip until the wound when i washed it. One lousy blister & my living habits have to change! damn it.


You give me that lOok, its almost unreal.
You do the Hocus Pocus on me, its almost unreal
Tuesday, July 11, 2006
My Superman is dead. Gone with the wind.

Whenever I'm weary.. from the battles that rage in my head
You make sense of madness when my sanity hangs by a thread
I lost my way but you seemed to understand
Now and forever, you'll be my man.

Sometimes I just hold you.. too caught up in me to see
I'm holding a fortune that heaven has given to me

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