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its Just me & my thOughts.. walking Side by side.. on the Sandy beach.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
at first sight..
Walking home late one night.. I took a short cut through my house carpark.
Noticed a car was turning out from a corner, so I stopped..
The car also stopped.
I peeped at the driver not sure whether I should cross the lane
He also peeped at me.
We held the gaze for a moment.
And he didn’t moved.
I looked away, and skipped across the lane

Yes, he was driving the Merz SLK 2 doors convertible that caught my eye
every time I walked passed the carpark.
For that split second of gentleman manners,
he looked very handsome to me. Hahaz.


"My Girl" a show that made me laugh & cry; laugh & cry all over again.
Thursday, October 26, 2006
Jiu Zhai Gou
Breathtaking 九寨沟

I hope you liked the photos.. just 1/4 of my collectiOns *gaSp*

I dont mind staying there.. really.
Graze the cows, or simply, have 7 husbands.
Seven?! ya, they are tribal people, whos to stop them? :)
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Signing off
Sunny Side Up In Hiatus...

There hangs a 'Do Not Disturb' Sign,
Even if you hear a loud Sigh;
Walk away and bring back some flowers,
To cheer up this heart that does not wither.

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See you REAL SOON!
Thursday, October 05, 2006
Had a fabulous time at the wedding dinner yesterday.
The Emceeing went smoothly, my partner was quite pro active and he takes the lead! Which lands me pretty much in a passive role, and just have to do my part without worrying about the rest. Plus, he is boyish. :)

Good time catching up with an ex col, who happens to be my distant niece. Plus a gal whom was 'jie mei' with me previously at my Pri sch friend's wedding! Small world. Took lotsa lotsa photos.. and as usual my family is the most spontaneous one, we like to enjoy ourselves during all these events, poke fun @ each other. Rather than just sit there and pretend to look interested or poise. Cousin looked happy n suave.. His bride looked happy n pretty. Then again, i will not want to have the wedding banquet if given a choice. Its just not me.

The suite had an excellent view.. overlooking esplanade, marina bay, and you can even see boat quay + clark quay. My feet felt like floating when I looked down at the cars on the streets.. Ewwwwww… i can almost fly!

But damn those red wine that made my cheeks flushed, I felt like I needed a good hug there and then. It’s a mediocre life.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
把每一次恋爱都当作最后一次, 才会懂得付出。
把每一次相处都当作最后一次, 才会学会珍惜。
Just updates
Tonight gotta be Emcee again, cousin’s wedding at Swisso’tel. Just doned with the script, ya, though im bilingual, but always end up speaking the mandarin portion as not many people are comfortable to do Emcee in Mandarin. For me, as long as the pronunciation is right and clear.. what the heck?! Guess who I will be partnering? A Filipino guy.. handsome or not ar? [He better be, so I wont be so bored ;p]. I think he is cousin’s colleague or something. Arrr….What have I become? Half a dozen of oysters last night shouldn’t made me out to be a man-hunter!

Preparation of China trip is well on its way, winter clothes.. ya the weather is is like 10 deg C, n slight snowing in the 九寨valley. Have to endure that for 3 days, thereafter, we will go to slightly warmer places of about 15 deg C & then to dead sea! OMG, I haven’t been to dead sea at all. By then, will I be missing the humid, hazy & warm weather of Singapore? I guess NOT!
I really detest this humid & hazy weather.
It makes everything kinda dull, and listless.
Everything looks hazy.

This guy, i will take up KOrean class just cos of him.. :)

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