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its Just me & my thOughts.. walking Side by side.. on the Sandy beach.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
baCk to wOrk..
oh, happy birthday Jessie~!

Bought my Samsung Ultra edition D-900!! OMG.
Am so in love with the phOne.

Took the ducktour & DHL hotair balloon.. i am so like a tourist! haha.. utterly enjoyed the hotair balloon.. night breeze & scenery.. woah. very romantic :)

Total amount of Angbao collected: $700

Amount of pineapple tarts, pistacchio, bah kua consumed: COUntless

Mood: Happy like ****!

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
CNY :)

i think im quite lousy at posting updated phOtos.. so,
here are some outdated ones!

fuah.. chinese new year is really once a year where i really indulge.
visited good friends, sit and chit chat and munched my pineapple tarts
sometimes watching stupid chinese new year shows on tv is a great way
to relax and chill. really.. im in a blissful mood
i guess alot of things that i didnt plan for, came to pass...
:) cant really say i'm happy, or not.
But im defnitely contented and taking things as they come.
Mum & dad gave us a kiss when giving us angbao..
haha. so sweet of them. i feel like a kid all over again!
but i guess i'm jUst to old to collect any more redpackets from friends and colleagues.
and yesh, i did successfully avoid the question of 'when are you getting hitch?!'
i guess being out of the house most of the time helps.
funny conversations go something like,
'so when are you getting married?'
Me: dunno... bo lang ai [nobody wants me]
'huh... dont bluff la'
Me: really.. cos i bo liu [i am broke]
'hahhaha... dont joke la' ...
after that the conversation will naturally proceed to another topic.
they scared i borrow money is it?!
& still many many days of sleep to look forward to :)


Thursday, February 15, 2007

There you go...


Sleepless n Romance

Its freaking 2AM in the mOrning and i cant sleep!
i got LASIK review tomorrow,
if they thought my eyes are swollen due to infection how?
haiz.. too many things on my mind again.

My colleagues's wedding photo that is more than a decade old..
ya, i was totally amused!
how tacky can the pose be? the guy looks like he is doing standing sit & reach while singing, 'head & shoulders knees n toes, knees & toes, knees & toes..'
and the backdrop was made up of... non other than old newspapers stick together as a mural.
its kinda crazy. But to prOtect their identities, i shant mention which one of
the above is my colleague :)

and heh... the more i look at gals walking around carry flowers [note: with daylight robbery prices written all over their petals] on Vday.
the more i feel like Vday is some show-off platform that we are force to oggle at.
Im so not impressed.
Those Poor guys are forced to do all the planning to satisfy the everlasting lust,
oh erm, i mean, greed of the merchants. Spare them guys & their hard earn money on feb 14th.

Dont mistaken lor, i wasnt being over-envious.
I got nice flowers also.. :)
But it was appropriately concealed in a paper bag.
& like what i said to most people.. everyday is a Vday.

Me, yours truly, is such a romantic at heart.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007
cai shen ye

My vendors are really Kua Zhang.. and gave me a pleasant shOck yesterday!
The whole sales team [& i suspect creative team as well] came down, to wish me
a Happy Lunar New Year. I cant helped being amused at the pimply God of fortune.
& ya, he should put on more weight as well.
My vote of courage goes out to him.
They gave a box of mandarin oranges + a redpacket with 'Zhen Zi' for us to buy 4D.
I nearly die from blood rushing to my face.. so paisay!
Anyways.. the Numbers to watch out for is 1313.
& i think it translates to 'one whole life' :)
I have half of a mind to switched off my radio today.
It is belting out tunes after tunes of sappy love sOngs!
Not that i dont fancy those sOngs.. but its making me who isnt celebrating Vday
feeling more n more Melancholic. heh. Im down with pms, fever and flu.
Happy Vday 2U.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
I remember how I love to go for chilling out on Fridays.
Clubbing, pubs with live music, any waterhole that has ALCOHOL, loud music,
I will be the first to onz my friends. I need to relax, its TGIF!
But I will end up bashing my body until the wee hours..
And come home looking like shite. Popped on bed after a quick shower
And dream the rest of the short night away.
& those people i meet there.. became passing clouds.
the fun that we had.. were so shortlived.

Then came 2007.. and I must shamelessly agreed that I love to hide in the comfort
Of my home come Fridays. I love to just have dinner with my parents, dinner time is usually
quieter as everyone has their social plans on a Friday night.
I love the quiet of the house.
I will watch some nonsense programmes on TV with mum, read abit of magazines; of newpapers. The night usually ends with me holing up in my room, in front of my lappie
Listening to music, playing games or watching online movies.

Supper or late night movie is a bonus, if I managed to get friends who have just reached home
near the stroke of midnight. To me, I’m uber toned down.. and its very nice feeling after such a long time. I no longer have to chill out until death on TGIF.
I love this freedom of ME-Time.

If you wanna ask me out on a Friday, why not come over to my house and
we can chit chat over a nice game of MJ?

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Monday, February 12, 2007
Prelude CNY
YUMMY. pineapple tarts from Bengawan Solo.
i eat until i drop. too heaty n got ulcers in my mouth le.. haiz.

went to espirit and quickly get a few tops for CNY. just plain ones..
really not much mood to celebrate CNY these years.. haiz

and the dreaded scenario of people asking, so when is your big day??
feel like taking the mandarin orange to stuff their mouth..!

the only thing im looking forward to in CNY is playing MJ, eating and drinking, and
not sleeping. yes, one whole week of those, plus i have a new pair of eyes :)


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sometimes in life, you find a special friend;

Someone who changes your life just by being part of it.

Someone who makes you laugh until you can't stop;

Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world.

Someone who convinces you that there

really is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it..

Thanks for being that someone to me, at one point or another.

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Friday, February 09, 2007
This week is gonna end on a good note. :)

Resolved my issue, yup gritt my teeth and sent out the email. I guess it works wonders to actually typed out all you feel.. rather than.. letting bitterness have a hold in my heart. Im nearly suffocated to death.

Looking forward to a good rest tonight, yes, pushed away all appointments tonight to have some quality ME-time.

Went home for a lunchtime nap, no kidding! And mum gave me a mouth-watering duck drumstick to munch.

Mani/Pedicuring with my mum tomorrow, yeh.

Sunday dinner feast.

Hello Weekend! It seemed the CG yesterday did me hell lot of good.
Everyone was open and real in their sharing. Ya, we might be splitting group again real soon..
Gonna miss this bunch of friends, and their lovely friendships.

And ya, managed to have a good sleep finally~ Peace.


Thursday, February 08, 2007
i have decided.. it better to be a hermit.
i cant wait for weekends to cOme. i need sometime alone.

yes, Soo is right.
DONT assumed you know me very well.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007
brOken trust
I’m still shaken.
Mum has been understanding throughout the entire episode. She has been silently taking care of my basic needs, & while amidst the storm, I need some solitary time, she didn’t interfere. & She didn’t take sides too. She knew I couldn’t listen to a single word when I’m fuming mad. Even when I went out near to midnight yesterday, she didn’t stop me. She knew my mood was foul.

Thanks my lovely friends who accompanying me to supper.. and the jokes.. it helped.
but when i went hOme.. i really couldnt sleep a wink. I tend to think too much.

I know I’m not wrong this time, maybe the only wrong was to have trust the wrong person, confide in the wrong person. And maybe that apology will never come. So be it. I know I ought to snap out of this mood.. and get moving. She is 25, but she isn’t young anymore. I will not condone her immaturity this time.

Yes, I have taken things too seriously again this time.
But I refused to let go.
I is sad.

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Monday, February 05, 2007
Talented few
Don’t you think some people are really talented in some ways?
There are people whose’s talent I really envy..
Great photography skills that makes you mezmerise after the scenery; some photos makes you wonder what is the story behind that photo;

Musically inclined guys who tugged at my heart strings everytime
[guitar, keyboard, piano, think Jay; Lee Hom; XJapan];

Cooking skills that can whipped up a storm in the kitchen in minutes.

Talented presenter that makes my day with their dry humour [Wu Zhong Xian, my pastor, some people I met in my marketing line]..

Soccer skills, players who dance around the ball and defenders..

Great writers who have the hell of an imagination and weaving out emotions with their words; those that makes me shed a tear or two...

Talent is something that never fails to inspire me.
Its like seeing God giving each of us an unique gift.
Hmm.. of cos, some have more privilege to groom it.. and let it flourish.
that is more 后天条件 & hardwork.

I wanna discover my own talent too.. I hope its not too late :)


How do you...
Sat was at An's wedding.. i was seated together with her current bunch of colleagues.
All 30+ but they are so jovial and fun! I had quite an okay time, left early though since the dessert
was glutanious balls, not exactly one of my favourite.

I thought it will be very boring.. since i do not know anyOne. But the renewal of their marriage vows in the presence of God, the pastor and all of us as her witnesses, does touched me..
Its not easy to keep a marriage in place.. i think she has been ROM for 5 years?
An is actually mid 30s but still a radiant & beautiful bride and looked very elegant in her wedding dress.. like what the Pastor said, He has not seen an ugly bride so far! haha.

Lost $20 on a silly bet yesterday. Was hoping the Lions will win the Thais!
BOth team played well and Lions managed to force a draw [draw!! my $ go down the drain lor], Overall aggregate score was 3-2 and Lions lifted the ASEAN CUP in Honor n bliss :)

At least my heart wasnt breaking.. me is patrotic ok.

hmm.. i was playing counsellor yesterday after church.
i'm glad to be a listening ear to you and i'm sad to see you sad.
when i saw the tears rolling down your cheeks, i know you have been hurting for a long time.

i think she was brave to fight for the love that she wants.
but it has always been the case.. 人言可畏。
I wish all those gossipers will start minding their own business.
but then again.. we have all been a gossiper once.
I hope you feel better soon gal, and ya, lets go for coffee sometime :)

Movie watch on Wed: Once in a Summer... !

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Saturday, February 03, 2007
Outside the operating theatre...
Me, all geared up. and SCARED..
The New Ultraman... I think this was taken on 2nd day.
i really couldnt remember posing for photo in all my pain~

My Vits for the eyes
My best friends for now...!

Was wriggling through chinatown yesterday, the crowd is growing. and it spells that Chinese New Year is around the corner. So, they have torned down the ugly pink laundry thingy that they called as decorations. Just wasnt in the mood for any CNY celebrations.. not yet. Will be having shutdown for the whole CNY week.. Woo hoo! Hmm... i want ta go for a retreat. Looking for khakis now.

Went Holland V for supper and yeah, it was bustling with energy, had a few sips of the Corona and all my giddyness was gone in an instant! you call that alchohol deprivation or what? The kebab kebab went well with my stomach too~ feeling all satisfied. Thanks for the company man.

After i popped in my bed after shower, i was fast asleep.. and it was really blissful. All the insomnia be gone. Been having lack of sleep, irregular sleep hours, late nights.. it was quite torturous. Time to hit the gym for some exercise soOn~ hello weekends :)

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Friday, February 02, 2007
Getting Lasik done is like play Russian Roulette,
some days you get better vision, some days are so blurry.
Some people don’t have any side effects, some people have plenty!

Anyway I bought Brite Eyes Vitamins + more refresh eyedrops from Pharmacy.. $55.60 poorer. Anything for perfect vision! Just called to confirm my 2nd review appointment.
woah~ yuan lai i have already prepaid for all my reviews.. haha, dont haveta fork out anything.
Maybe buy more eyedrops from them.

But how come jimy is gettin a pair of free movie tickets from them for Valentine's Day and I'm not?! Just cause he went with his girlfriend for LASIK & i went alone?
They despised single people is it?!

Yeah, looking forward to watch mOvie next week with the gang..
it wil be my first movie after LASIK! hope i dont see any starbursts, halos or glare.. haha..
and maybe shedding a tear or two during the movie can recover my left eye? :)

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Thursday, February 01, 2007
Old Friends
Oh great, I managed to fall asleep at 4am yesterday night. And I think that is like helping my recently lasikfied eyes to recover? I DON’T THINK SO. I digged out neo prints that I took with my ex colleagues eons years ago.. very heartwarming leh… :)

This sat decided not to go for company outing at Singapore Discovery Center.. decided not to sacrifice my Saturday’s morning sleep. Anyhow, Angelia’s wedding at night. Gotta have enough rest huh. Going to direct a short flim for the church next Saturday.. looking forward.

The sunglass-buying col popped into Watson’s just now and bought $60 worth of vitamins. Wah, she print money one ar, 2 lunches with her and see her spending money like water. Haha.. but I always prefer generous people to the stingy ones. I so like her style!


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