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its Just me & my thOughts.. walking Side by side.. on the Sandy beach.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007
Follow the notes upon a journey
At first sight marks ones' destiny
Once the voyage comes to an end
~Return lies within hasty keys~



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Good hair day today. I used Loreal’s anti frizz while my hair is semi-wet.
Got people say I look like doll..
Went for Mos burger lunch w Nat.. and we had a great time catching up as well.
Bought handphone pouch + a babydoll top [black colour again, haiz].

Hmm seemed like the seconday sch gathering tomorrow is perking me up.
Brian even msn me [yes, after added me for 2 weeks, first time he msn me]
and made sure that I will be going.
I cant imagine.. people whom you have more met for more than a decade,
finally meeting and catching up in a nice little cosy resturant!
I do hope it will turn out fine, and not having people pretending to rush off right after the meal.
Some are my boat quay khakis many years back…
and we cried, laughed, made jokes out of each other.
How time flies and left its traces on many of us..
our life is more than hectic now as we scramble to fulfil each priority & commitment.
This is such a rare chance.
Yes, I do miss the crappy sec school life, where we hang out at JE entertainment centre, Shopping malls, movie theatres [capitol], fast food resturant, Seoul garden… and what not.
People envied me for I seemed to have lotsa friends all over the levels and from different classes. But my greatest regret, is not keeping in touch with them guys..
on the pretense that im getting too busy with life.
Pursing my degree in australia, and then work, and then church..

Thinking back, I do have opportunity to get in touch with these friends,
but I didn’t treasure them. Now, I feel so old.
Oh well, Brian commented that it was because of wanting to look at my recent photos
that he joined Friendster. And …
he said I have become prettier.
Haha.. old flame who used to cut Prata nicely for me, praised me.
Happy. :)

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007
:) lunch

Kuku treated us to lunch at TCC today. The bill came up to almost $200.
He is those very generous with friends person..
and sometimes when he goes drinking, he told me he will sign his
credit card like nobody's business.
You know guys like him, are great pals to be with,
but not the best hubby/ boyfriend material;
Imagine him telling you all these splurges,
you will be gritting your teeth & scolding the hell out of him.
Dunno why, he always say i very dirty minded...
when all i did was to say Damien Rice sang the 'Blower's Daughter'

Wow.. didnt know this is what i must look out for especially the last item...
haha... i have been a victim of sorethroat almost like every month?!
and now i know why. cheeRs to better health!

Your Lifestyle
1. Drink plenty of water to keep your vocal tract moist.
- Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeinated beverages (e.g. tea and coffee). Alcohol dehydrates the body and caffeinated beverages are unnecessary stimulants.

2. Watch what you eat.
- Eat a balanced diet to achieve/maintain optimal health.
- Spicy food may irritate the throat.
- Dairy products may increase phlegm.
- To prevent heartburn and a reflux of stomach acids into your vocal passage, avoid acidic/spicy foods, eating late at night, caffeine and overeating.

3. Give up smoking.
- Smoke and other aerial pollutants irritate your breathing and vocal apparatus. There are also other well-known health risks associated with smoking that can be reduced if you do not smoke/breathe in second-hand smoke.

4. Be aware of the medications you take and their effects on your body.
- Certain medications may dehydrate the body/vocal passage. Others may stimulate or sedate the body, respectively causing your vocal passages to constrict or making you feel lethargic.
- To compensate the drying effect of any medication, drink extra water.

5. Exercise regularly.
- Regular aerobic exercise improves your strength and cardiovascular fitness, reduces/maintains your weight and helps get rid of stress. Stretching and muscle toning exercises will keep your body limber. Consequently, such activities will enable you to breathe more deeply and better support your voice when you speak.

6. For women only:
- Take extra care of your voice in the few days before and at the start of your menstrual period. Changes in oestrogen levels may cause the vocal cords to swell.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Gettin well
Yipee I got sunflowers in the office yesterday.
Nah, I no longer gushed like little gals, but truly appreciate the heart n thoughtfulness
that was behind this gesture to brighten up my work week + sickness.
Hmm.. its so weird, today I felt better already, no cough since morning.
The power of love? Or faith?

Spent hours yesterday night to select songs and transfer to my ipod.
Im such a music junkie that I cannot live without music,
and I will willingly sacrifice hours to sit infront of my lappie and go through albums n albums
of songs to select those that I wil like. Hmm well.. too bad my ipod is only 2G la…
I cannot afford to dump everything inside.
Currently in the playlist are UK top 40 singles, music to get me going when im restless;
Ah mei, Eason, Jolin, Jay, Secret soundtrack, Lee Hom, Yong er, Zhang zhen yue, JJ, Bon Jovi, Andy Lau… music to get me going when im feeling sentimental/emo.

Looking forward to the class gathering this fri, at far east.
Omg, I don’t even know what or where is Hop Nob Café
even though it sounds freaking familiar.
I have been a hermit for too long?

Sometimes, I do feel like giving up on blogging.
After thinking about it; I realised the main purpose of this blog is
to give me an outlet to write. I just realised… I hv kept so many
diaries, little notes of reflections throughout my life.
And the writing genes, desire is within me.
I will die if I don’t write something, anything.
Thank you blogspot :)

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Thursday, August 16, 2007
Health is gold
Let me see… the past 2 months, I had cancelled appointments on the day itself due to extreme fatigue, and sickness. I think this is not a good sign.

My last quarter of 2007 resolutions:

Be Healthy!
Sign up for Amore fitness package by Sept. Must keep fit.
Check with Medical Hall what to eat to build up my body. Must tiao yang tiao yang.

I think girls are the weaker sex in terms of health, and because we have the child
Bearing responsibility, we must really keep a balance lifestyle. Hmm.. I think as I talked
To friends over the msn.. I realised many of them are going through problems..
Jimy also went through 2 times of LASIK.. and might be going for another one.
R study loans issues are giving her a hard time..
Col just recovered from dengue..
Ohhh… I went for an interview w NVPC.. a non profit org.
There was a panel of 3 ladies.
Hmm.. it went normal, didn’t get a chance to talk much cos one of them keep yakking.
So I don’t think the chances are high.
Anyway im currently getting busier, and am quite comfy here.
Too lazy to move.

None of us are living a life that is a bed of roses.
So, I must tell myself to stop lamenting,,
Get my ass up and make some changes.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Aiyo.. got colleague kana dengue.. MC for a week liao.
Hmm when is my flu recovering?
Nonetheless, have to attend company’s Bowling event tonight…
cos Mr CEO is here. Everyone has to give face ma.

My lesbo friend got single recently. And she has been asking me out for lunch.
Imagine travelling all the way from Thomson to Jurong, to eat lunch for an hour,
Then travel back to Thomson. Hmm…
but I already very straight off reject any propects of becoming an item with her.
Even part time.. I also say NO NO.

Scared of complicating relationships again. Im a simple person lor..
just one person to love im very happy already.
One thing that has been filling up my brain these days is:
Less is More.

Agenda coming up:
Bowling event
ISO Audit
Chalet - friend birthday
Niece birthday celebration
Church class
Unit gathering
Sec sch friend gathering
Sister birthday celebration
Bible conferences
Shanghai Trip

I need a break to just do nothing.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

I was thinking of posting something happy.. and maybe put up a happy photo or two.
but recently things seemed a little bleak.

Im sick, AGAIN. i remember about not eating too much heaty stuff
and not having too many late nights. but i forgot.. if i adhere to them everyday?
a little slip shot here and there.. and my throat gets the damn infection.
its like clockwork!

Relationship is stable.. and sometimes a little blend? but anyhow, i like it blend.
had my fair share of rollar coastal that at this moment, i just wanna stay on the ground for a while.
Went to visit my grandma at the cemetry on National Day.
Really missed her, and i'm sure if she is around, she will be very ashamed of me,
that i do not count my blessings in life.

I keep asking God, what is it that im looking for in life? What makes me tick?
the answers just came back echoish. Faith, is what i need. Sometimes, i really feel like
calling it quits. Giving it all up..

When was the last time that i was really really happy?
zilch. The thing to look forward:
9 days trip to shanghai, hangzhou, jiangnan....... etc. Let's hope it is happening.

Erm... on a materialistic note, the vainpot in me decided to endure the pain,
and went to do eyebrow embroidery... spent $198! Got back some pain... and of cos
a pair of nicely drawn brows [luckily not auntie looking] haha...
i have always envied people with arch brows.
i was born with 'Yi Zhi Mei' [straight one stroke brows]... and im tired of looking at it,
trying to draw an arch hopelessly everytime.
Now everywhere i go, i start to beow people's eyebrow.. checking out
to see if its natural or embroided or planted.
The creative brows [planted ones] cost 1000+ a pair. No Kidding ok!

Then i discover, my threshold for pain isnt that very high.
Bye bye to plastic surgery.

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Monday, August 06, 2007
Told ya, told ya, rest will do me good! Took half a day on fri, and rested on sun.
ya, sat is the usual packed one. And viola.. PMS came. Cramp until I cry…
but then.. everything is under control now.

Kuku gave me 2 solutions when I told him I need to buy ‘bread’ during lunch time
[bread = pad].
one is, go toilet and take 40 segments of toilet paper and fold them paitently...
then stick double sided tape at the bottom and ...
Number 2, Col A eats bread everyday during lunch... ask him if he want strawberry jam.. then I can do him the favor.

So I replied, ya, why not I throw in free watermelon juice as well??
Can faint.

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Friday, August 03, 2007
i think i'm in love with you :D


Wednesday, August 01, 2007
Something i read in a book that anyone will find it useful... haha
ways to getting a man's lasting attraction is NOT to do the below:

Here are some examples of neediness and insecurity:

• Hanging on a man or touching him too much,
especially in public. If you are constantly taking the
initiative to be in physical contact with a man, he’ll
eventually take it as clingy behavior. Instead, if you
want to touch him, save it for short and infrequent
moments that will surprise and enchant him.

• Talking or saying negative things about other
women. When women call other women names like
‘slut’, ‘bitch’, or ‘crazy’, it doesn’t impress a man. Lots
of women often do this when they see a good looking
and attractive woman, or with women they know their
guy is attracted to. Guys aren’t impressed by this.
They’ll think you’re just covering up your own
insecurities and looking for validation and attention.

• Talking or saying all kinds of nasty things about
your past boyfriends and past relationships.
Doing this reflects on you more negatively than you
might think. It also makes a man think you’re
insecure and that you have “baggage.” All this spells
ISSUES from past relationships that he knows will be
a pain for him to deal with.

• Acting overly emotional. If a man sees that you get
rattled, upset, or frustrated too easily, he’ll see you as
insecure and think that you’ll do this to him as well—
which will scare him away from you.

• Trying too hard for attention is a turn-off. When
women try to act too sexy, too funny, too cool, or too
smart, they end up looking stupid and men will think
they’re uncomfortable with who they are. Don’t do it.
If you’re any of these things, he’ll notice you in a
negative way. The best way to get noticed is to be
subtle and suggestive.

• Creating drama. This is the absolute worst thing to
do. Some women feel like they need to turn a simple
point into something big and important. They go
about this by arguing about it or turning the
discussion into a conflict. Clearly it says to a man that
you’re insecure if you get off balance with the little
things. You might be right, but it’s damaging to your
love life and the degree of comfort he has with you.
Men hate intense drama, and they instantly assume
that’s what a relationship with you would be filled
with it.

Well done!!


FOOD Cravings

The adventures of a PMSsy gal.
She went to gobber up 2 whole crayfish, and left 1 for her friend. She left the whole plate of oysters omelette untouched.. cos she don’t like the smell.
After that, went West coast park to chill out and try to kill some ades mosquitoes.

She decided to also tackle some chilli crab @ JUMBO, travelling ALL the way to East coast. Whats with her and parks these days?? Plus, had Satay as side dish. Then watching people fall hard into water at the CABLE Skiing Park gives her a thrill. Those bummers are having so much fun, they deserved it.

Just yest, it had to be Prata and Roti John, and then smacked people left, right, centre during games of American Pool. Suddenly, the PMSsy hormones got lifted up when the winning adrelina rushed to her head.

Snacks, black chocolate, bananas… she indulge in them like clockwork.
Lashing out at people, feeling like the end of the world, having enormous moodswings are her perocative … Long Live the Princess.

Sigh.. sometimes I am just so damn attitude!! Haha..
- Just so damn sickening hilarious.
If you can dont laugh abit, i owe you a hundred bucks.

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