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Friday, June 30, 2006
Let’s just say that there are some things in my life now that is frustrating me, nonetheless.. there seemed to be a calm within me. Cos there is a deep assurance that more important stuffs are happening the way I want them to be. I just want to take things very slowly.. and see if the bubble bursts quickly enough before it gets high up into the sky. Please dont. ;p

Watched Superman Returns.. woohoo..
I know its been given a 4 to 5 star ratings especially for the effect and all. But I felt something different after watching it. Of course, I was still quite amazed by the movie. Don’t get me wrong, its not exceedingly good.. but I am amazed at how the character was build up throughout the movie.. from the start in fact. This is pretty rare in a SuperHero Movie? No? Some action lovers might deemed it as draggy portions but for me, I have never felt more connected to Superman than ever. Yes, it’s the usual superheroes cannot lead a normal life thingy, and his girlfriend married a down to earth, Mr. Nice guy. I guess.. what I felt deep down was, they accepted each others’ situation and choices. And they still choose to be around and look out for one another. Isn’t this greater love than a lot of married couples who seemed to be together physically, but their hearts are so far apart?

The effects too were pretty good! Except that I thought Kevin Spacey has overdone the villain role. He & His ‘mistress’ was the only comic-looking act in the show. The rest of the cast really blended in very well.. and it didn’t occur to be a comic-book adaptation until when you see the amazing acts and powers of Superman! Cool!

I wanna watch this again. An enjoyable movie if you take it in strides and go with the flow. The magical part always happens when Superman/or his mortal being Kent Clarke is alone with Lois Lane. You can see how gentle & giving he was to her. I’m a total sucker for gentleman-ism. And it helped that Superman looked complexion perfect and undyingly suave despite going through all those life threatening acts. He, reminded me of Final Fantasy Characters! Picture Perfect & not a single stand of hair was out of place.. Haha.
Thursday, June 29, 2006
Si bei pain! Stiff shoulder on my right side!.. think never sleep properly cos no World Cup to chase yesterday night. Or … fever coming up.

The guys in my office are very bad. Knowing that I have been supporting Argentina all along.. they are rooting for Germany in the Quarter finals. They scared I win their money again is it. When i walked passed their cubicles, they practically chanted 'Germany! Germany!' right behind my back!

Had a superb time catching up with Linda and wee wee yesterday. Linda was so animated when she described about yang2 during their baby scan. Yang2 practically shouted and teared when he saw the baby moving on the monitor. haha.. fatherly love! And ST joined us much later to show us the photos of the wedding night. My face looked v round again in the photos.. is my face no longer as firm as before? Scary! I might need plastic surgery soon. Else I will boycott taking photos next time. Now 9 out of 10 photos, my face is round.. and chubby looking. I scared… cos I don’t wanna look like below..

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Cute, but scary lorr.
Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Second placing!
Cool!! I came in 2nd placing for my company WC group stage pool thingy.
But for the next pool - Second round till Finals stage.. im now the bottom 2nd. Haha.What an irony!!
My lucky break was I predicted France to win for yesterday night match while 90% of them favored Spain to win. But Z Zidane spoilt my party by scoring another goal in the last minutes. I predicted 2-1 and the correct result is 3-1.
arGh!! Agony is me!!

So my winnings are $400
minus $50 [stake]
minus $80 [2nd round stake which I think I better surrender first cos I hv done very badly so far!]

Im only left with $270.. miserable. But quite enough to cover for my phone.. teehehe.
Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Samsung again
Its barely june? And I am into my 3rd phone now.
I think im an addict. This time round.. bought a Samsung phone w less features packed. Why I bought it? I definitely love the sleek and small size.
Love the black. And i like the simplicity of the sliding phone.
LOoks cool.
Plus unlike most Samsung phones, there is expandable memory. I feel less handicapped [to satisfy the innate gadget freak] . SD card can be up to 1G!
And I signed up with M1 for a new line. Haha.
Am I that easily conned or what?!

My new Samsung D510 baby. To be frank, it is just a mid-range phone. But im going with my heart instead of head this time. I love the sleek size! I was telling my friend that once you used a samsung phone before, and if it brings you no glitches, you are bound to miss it when its gone. cos its very pretty w a feminine touch.

Motorala phones are pretty & cool looking but it comes with a family of problems that you dont want to be associated with [Sorry zol!].

Nokia phones are hardy, packed to the brim with features. Hard and hard looking through and through.

LG phones? Good to see, small on features.

Siemens? Looks like toy.

Ben Q is just an MP3 player wannabe.

Sony Ericssion.. they only produce good candybars.

Here's another Samsung for me. :)

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P/S: Italy had to win from an injury time penalty that looks dubious. WC is starting to smell very kelong now. Red Alert!
Friday, June 23, 2006
Latest Update:

Still @ 2nd, Still 4 pts off. USA & Croatia didnt give me face. They refused to qualify for the Second Round. Tonight going for high gear.. speeding off to the Title chase!

Togo 0 France 2
Swiss 1 S Korea 2
Saudi 0 Spain 2
Ukraine 2 Tunisia 1

Pray with me! ;p
"You love a free and spontaneous life. And you attempt to enjoy it to the fullest, in accordance with the motto: "You only live once."

You are very curious and open about everything new; you thrive on change. Nothing is worse than when you feel tied down. You experience your environment as being versatile and always good for a surprise."

That is me.


Things happened. The look on your face really tells a lot.
I wanted to reach out to you.. but you seemed so far away.
Deep within we know the struggles will always exist.
Thursday, June 22, 2006
aRgh... guys.
Still on 2nd placing and with only 8 more matches to go! Adrenaline pumping!

JetAsia started a very good deal to BKK, Phuket, HK… plus accommodation! Who is game to go? Can upgrade to a better hotel, cos I cannot stand hotel with
smelly carpet,
soft bed,
small space,
small tv,
no bathtub [not that I use it anyway, but I like to stand in it to shower]
no fridge,
soft pillow,
or rough rough blanket.

Yeah, so wanna go tour! Jui Zhai Gou [Nine Village Valley] is quite confirm in October already w my family. I hope the breathtaking sceneries will blow me away.
But till then...

Something happened these 2 days that really pissed me off. It’s a small matter. But I tell you, I cannot stand weak guys. I cannot. Man needs to be more solid. Like this guy friend kept telling me about a gal he knows and how he wanted to have no commitments with her etc. after listening to all the bullshite. He said the gal decided to stop contacting him and now he is like facing the end of the world. All he can ask are questions after questions of why she did this and that. Get a life can?! At first he said no commitment, so what does he expect the gal to do? Sit around and wait for commitment to fall down from the sky? He kept lamenting.. why did the gal blocked him on msn. How on earth would I know the reason? Ask some sensible questions please. Ask why you take relationship so lightly in the first place. Stewpid Shole who deserved no sympathy.

Whatever. PMS brewing.
Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I shot up two spots from 4th & currently ranked 2nd placing! Just 2 pts shy of the top place. wow weeeeeeeeeeeeeee....!

Finance Manager also say he hope i will win. keke. Becos now he always talk ball w me, he knows i not only look at handsome faces, i also see them soccer players play ball seriously :D hah.
Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Hmmm.. Dad is on MC for 2 days.
He felt dizzy again.. and almost black out. The Doc says it is due to his sleeping position. Some nerves in his brain is being pressured.. and thus the blackout. So now, other than his high blood pressure... we gotta watch out for his condition.
Gettin more worried than evar. :s

In other news.. im going night safari this friday w my folks! I hv been there few years back w some couple friends. & I hv lost contact w all of them, cos they started to break up one after another and i didnt know who to keep in touch with after that. Am so Looking forward to the tram ride.. keke. Dont let it rain pleaseeeeeeee!
Finance manager is now at the pitts of the table. He is crying foul! Hahaz.

The good news, me gotten another correct score for Swiss 2 - 0 Togo yest. Currently Im on 2nd placing.

The bad news is there are 3 guys on top tied on same points.
So technically im ranked 4th. aRgh!! kill me!
Jus Sianz
U know, the Malacca trip had me complaining about the food and even had to eat cup noodles lor. Other than being spicy [which I understand cos its Malaysia] the food sucks. There is simply nothing to look forward to except perhaps the breakfast.

After I got back to SG, of cos, I fell sick due to the food, weather n sleeping at wee hours in the morning then waking up at wee hours in the morning. But I still came to work on Monday. Quite proud of myself heh heh ;p For the last week.. I have been taking plain meals, noodles soup etc. I have lost my appetite subsequently.. even for dinner. Cos I have many many ulcers in my mouth. Deadly cos they are cluster ulcers. Makes chewing difficult :s I think.. I hv successfully slimmed down finally, my skirt seemed to be loose today! Hope my face gets to slim down too ;p I so wanted to upload pictures from my Malacca trip. But I is lazy. Jus some snap shots below.. it was an okay trip for me. OMG, why do i sound so bored?

Recently the commitments in my life has been increasing. I actually forgot how to juggle them cos it seemed natural that I have to fulfill them. And that sorta takes juggling out of the equation, no? Yes, Just shut up & do it.


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Thursday, June 15, 2006
Wishing & hoping..
Hehe.. My company peeps started a pooling bet system for the WC matches.. stake is $50 each participant. so we are supposed to predict all the correct scores at the beginning of WC for ALL the matches [no changes are allow, duhz.] A correct score guess will entitled you to 3 pts, correct result 1 pt only. Our Finance Manager is the initiator and so now he gotta tabulate all the points and send updates daily to the participants. It kinda exciting to come in to office and wait for that email to come to see who top the table for that day. Hahaz.. like that is the most important thing now!! Work can be shelved. & me hor.. is currently 2nd on the table now.. woo hoo! But with so many more matches to go.. its really anybody’s money man! $700 to the winner, and $400 for the 1st runner up. I got chance bo?? I think USA will let me down big time… was predicting them to go thru to the 2nd round.. but FAT HOPE.
By the way, Spain rOcks big time yest!!

Was happily daydreaming one day.. and a notion pop up in my mind. If i could ever turn back the clock.. if ever, Things I would have done if I were still 21:

1. Work overseas for 2 yrs at least. Apply PR. [& I don’t mean Malaysia]
2. Take a degree in Psychology
3. Start a new relationship; break off and start a new relationship again
4. Take up swimming lessons
5. Learn a dance; Enrol in a music school to learn vocals
6. Pick up a sport and excel in it
7. Travel every year
8. Quit my job
9. Sport a tattoo
10. Be very carefree about life

Ok god, let me work on Number 10 at least… :)
Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Da Wedding
TA DA.... photOs from a best friend's wedding.
Frankly, i wish i can get my hands on the montage video being played at the dinner.
i will laugh my head off every time i play the clip that we sabo the groom n his brothers. Pole dancing in BIKINIS. the gals cant beat them! They are so damn good!
Wanna hire professionals to sabo the groom on yr big day? drOP me an email. I will gladly entertained.

While killing time at Parliment house. Joy was kind enough to strike any pose i asked her to.. so i can take funny photos. And there is one of me, super unglam.. trying to strike a 'run' pose in my dress with my arms in the air. I'm Mad. This is a side of my i dont get to show very much. The Whacko Shanny. I love to hv fun. Loads of it! I shudda gone to a creative industry. Not that marketing doesnt involved creativity. But its not fun. Too much work to be done.

The newly weds are honeymooning at Hokkaido now. I so wanna gooooooooo!

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WC Feeevaaar
Well.. what can I say? Korea rOcks. Totally totally. My mind is all on world cup 2006 now. Ya.. I think im going crazy when I cant watch the matches at home. I lie on the bed thinking about how the match is playing now. I wait for my neighbouring blocks soccer fans to shout ‘Goal!’ and anxiously thinking, who was it who scored before my sms starts beeping. My sis [who has her own hse by the way] and a good frn is very kind to update me the scores.

And younger sis so smart, go and subscribed starhub live updates for worldcup matches. Every score will be smsed to her HP. And the last we checked, Singtel offers this services at a freaking $4 more [$9.95]!! WTF. I wont let them earned my money so easily. I’d rather go to macs and buy a cup of ice lemon tea, to watch the match. Not that I have resort to that yet. Im just kicking myself everyday when 9pm arrives.. Even when im hanging outside.. I will be thinking.. whats the score now, whats the score now. So restless!

Discovered something very sweet today. RTM1 is showing selective world cup matches!!! If you didn’t subscribe to the stewpid WORLD CUP CHANNEL, like me. You can tune in to RTM1. My Malaysian friend was kind enough to send me the world cup matches being aired.. how cool is that! At least… no fish, prawn oso good.
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