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its Just me & my thOughts.. walking Side by side.. on the Sandy beach.

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Saturday, June 30, 2007
Great sat

my tattoo... :) how i wished it was permanent.

tired. of running around in circles. is this decision making time? i really want to procrastinate as long as possible. i'm terribly confused. arGh.

Scalded my hand on wednesday... very painful and now there is a red mark.
its hell of itchy and my mum told me that its healing. hope there will be no disfiguration
sighz... another bad omen.

Had a great time eating swensons ice cream n fries today.
although the service was damn lousy, and we were treated 'rudely'.
can u imagine we were the ones smiling and saying 'thanks'
to a black-papaya faced male waiter?
we waited so long for our food, and no one bother to attend to us!
i didnt fail to leave my feedback on the comment card.
I'm beginning to learn not to let surroundings affect my mood.
I was still able to enjoy this meal and it was great company :)

talked to my friend about guy's generousity... and we had a great laugh
over our own experiences. i think i wanna thank all the guys in my life,
they have been pretty generous & helpful to me in one way or another.
for those stingy/selfish ones.. i cant remember,
but im usually not too bothered by them.
Life is short ma.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Lasik Verdict
The verdict for my lasik…
I had to go for a Wavefront lasik ops [a more advance technology] for my left eye to correct the cornea unevenness. The nurse wanted to charged me $50 for the eye review yesterday and I told her over my dead body. The doc wanted me to come back to see how my eye is doing, but nothing has improved, and I made a trip down just to be charged $50?!
I had to do the enhancement cos the surgery had failed, not cos I wanted to have near perfect vision! Are you crazy or you had your pupils dilated too? Anyway, the review charges was wavied by a senior nurse.

The bad news is that I have to pay $200 for the wavefront enhancement ops for some medical diskette shite. It only takes 2 days to recover. As compared to the Standard Lasik ops, which will take me 5 days of tearing n pain as they have to put a contact lens inside to hold the flap.

The good news is, I might get to have clear vision for my left eye if this goes well.. &.. more than 1 person offered to pay for the medical fee. I guess I feel loved :)

Need to think of when to book the appointment now.. as my work is piling up,

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Creative, my foot!
I swear that I will never buy a Creative Product again. Not Ever again.
Bought a brand new 5G MP3 player – Movu during their sale.. Not the refurbished one, mind you. When I brought it home, it can’t charged up. Took a cab down, and they do a 1 to 1 exchange for me.

Then after using the Unit for ONE time, I had to charge it.
AGAIN, the unit die on me. Nothing on the screen or whatsoever, it just died.
I went back a 2nd time, this time they asked me to wait for another 1 hour, which I didn’t wait, I asked them to give me a one to one exchange. And the guy say no, he has to make sure that the unit is faulty. I told him to try charging it on the spot, he will know, but he insist that he need to do a thorough check. So I went off and I told him I’m not going to wait. He can despatched a new unit to me instead.

I left the building. And guess what? He called me after 15 mins and told me that they will do a 1 to 1 exchange for me, but from they are only left with PINK units now. And he had the cheek to ask me to go back and get it. I told him that I have already left the place, & i asked him to send desptach to my house cos I’m not going back there again! And I told him to check the new unit properly, make sure it is working and charging well. I’m so so turned off by Creative.

From what I gather, a lot of people have this notion that Creative products have quality issues, especially their MP3 players. So may I just asked, have they tried to do anything about it yet?! No point marketing it as on par with Ipod, the product design will not satisfy music freaks, if it doesn’t produce music! The product has to first do what its supposed to do best. You say correct or not?

Now I really know what it feels like to spend money and get tortured instead.
From now on, I will stick to my 2G Ipod Nano!

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Sunday, June 24, 2007
time & again
we wish all these will not end.
we wish.

if i open my heart again, im hoping that you will be there for me in the end.

Movie Watch:

Ocean's Thirteen.
I have to shamlessly confessed that i watched the movie purely bcos of Mr Pitt.
and he delivered what was expected of him.
Even Danny Ocean was great in his style.
well, this show deserves a 3 star rating. all for Rusty & Ocean.
the plot is diluted, and the humour contained.
i guess, apart from the sugar coating star line up,
i would rather watch Wild Hogs anytime!! :)


Friday, June 22, 2007
dUmpling festival
yeah tgif.

I feel good. I feel like I can laugh with the world. Though I think at times im afraid to enjoy uplifted moment as im terribly afraid of the bitter disappointment that I will feel when I come crushing down. But I start to recognize that I’m a like wave, there will bound to be ups and downs.. I just have to take extra precaution not to dwell too long in the down. Heh.

I’m like raring to go.. waiting for something to happen, the big bang, there will be times of insecurity.. but I was told that as long as im faithful with the little things, and be who I am, things will fall into place sooner or later. Yes they have to.

R’s grandma passed away. And the dumpling festival is here again. My mum don’t make any more delicious dumplings since the death of my grandma. We missed the home made ones so much, and no matter where they buy the presumably nice & famous dumplings. They cant be compared to the home made ones. Some traditions will die sooner or later.. I don’t think any of us picked up the skill from her. My long time friend has also been complaining that I haven’t been giving home made dumplings. I guess I never will.

just a random photo, i like to look @ nice things ;p

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Thursday, June 21, 2007
Rantless thurs
had less than 5 hrs of sleep yesterday.
haiz.. the zzz monster is really catching on me right now. lUnch tOpic was on Korea... korean guys to be exact. ;p as my Korean colleague wil be heading back to Korea for a break in Sept.
We gals jOkingly ask him to bring back Bae yong Jun for us, and the guys requested for Goong princess. so the toPic naturally diverted to the good looking guys n guys in korean dramas.

here's my pick: Won Bin!!!!

so handsome!!... another sexy pic:

bring him home? anytimE~!

Movie watch:

F4 [not the taiwan pop grp] and The Rising of the Silver Surfer. Silver Surfer is damn cool... very cool... i like him. cos.. errr... he is damn cool~! enjoyed the light hearted show and well.. like they always say when your expectations are not set too high, they are always being meet! :)Thanks maid, for getting the tics.

Dinner is lousy cos Vivo is overcrowded as usual. and its hard to find a place without a queue.. you know how i hated crowd, they always gimme a headache, and a cranky mood. Nonetheless, the movie cheered me up and im happy once again.

The tOpic in the car somehow drifted back to marriage. well.. i dont really care about what 07 07 07, or 08 08 08, or 09 09 09... its just another date and i dont wanna be scrambling for the so called 'auspicious' marriage dates with the others.

Now, im dreaming of a getaway marriage. Probably in a nice little chapel in Europe.. and just a simple 'yes i do..' I just dunno when ;p

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Prevailing Generation!


The malacca trip was fabulous. Not cos I ate the chicken rice ball, or peranakan food. I think I only spent about 100 RM over the 4 days?? I felt spiritually alive and rejuvenated after the trip. Totally. What is amazing is god spoke to many of us. And each were personal things.. it gave me, a sense of purpose in this life. We spent unhurried time dwelling in His words, and presence. Well, yes im the contemplative sort and I really don’t think im able to survive the next 30 years just living this life in a blur. And become an old hag? Its so NOT me.

We had like theme night, and we our group dressed up as pirates! It was much fun, nonsense and our pastor acted as cinderella which had all of us rolled on the floor laughing. Everyone was a sporting bunch. Tiredness seeped in after the trip, but truly, everyone of us is in a spiritual high, and we even had a mini Superstar session on the coach on the way back to singapore.
Well.. if you count the Hokkien songs in as well.

On a more melancholic note, managed to sort out somethings which had been
troubling me for quite some time now.. months turned into years. i am finally
able to lay it down, and let it go. i guess, life is really about moving on..
the past holds nothing for us anymore.
What we need is really to see what the future holds.
And any decisions we make down, will affect the life we are living in 5 years,
10 years down the road. So, dont waste time Chasing after wind anymOre..

God, thank you, for quenching my thirst and giving me a purpose.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
I know that a part of me deep down is still full of anguish.
Waiting to lash out at this life,
And inconsiderate people who unknowingly stepped on the trigger of the gear
I seethed with frustrations
Life experiences have taught me valuable lessons...
Something within me has tamed.. I could no longer handle outbursts..
What took over is just silent imploding of my heart

This teary eyed, red nose, husky voice, pale face state is really taking over me.
I is drowsy.

Thanks for bringing me to the doc..
its like giving me charcoal in the midst of winter.
Appreciate it.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007
PaRty nitEz

Finally the anticipated sickeneSs caught up on me.
its a week late.. and now im officially down with full blown flu virus,
terrible sorethroat.. and lethargic-ness.. n feeling weak all over.

still, went to ktv till late yest niGht, and croon many high notes..
thats where i torture my own throat.. down some beer to soothe it
but the smOke emitted from those 'smOking machines' are simply
Unbearable~! the whOle session was fun, crap and lotsa good singers!

then we proceeded to zOuk. cos somebody excitedly want to collect
his new Zouk card lor. Guess what?! I met HIM there..
stil as suave and handsome..
and totally blew me away. haha.. ;p managed to talk to him coolly.. and ya,
he was kind enough to leave his friends @ velvet underground
and come signed me in to Zouk and stayed w me..
We got separated for a while.. and i left without a wOrd.

Maybe its the fever gettin to me, maybe i felt pOintless.
The whOle place was damn crowded.. and people's spaces are limited to inches..
i wonder... how they last the whOle night??

Those bittersweet good memoRies... cant sleep til 5am!


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Friday, June 08, 2007
my favourite Song of the moment.. 我怀念的


wenta watch Shrek 3.
what a disappointment! the storyline is lousy.. and the jOkes are not that funny..
plUs shrek has lost his magical touch of sincerity n lovableness...
i think withOut Donkey & the rest of the side kickz [gingerbread man & company],
the wholeshow would have been a flOp :(

its was a bOring time.. i had to contain that within myself
dont want to hurt anyone's feeling. I have my fears.. of whats
going to come in future.

having karaoke session with my crappy bunch of colleagues tmr night...
hOpe it will not be disappointing. and hOpe they dont get so drUnk that they
can even hold the mike properly lor. *crOssing my fingers* ;p

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Mid wEek
Totally unthinkable. How can I not even finish a book in 2 weeks??
I have flunk my own standards of literacy… I used to set a standard of finishing
an entire book by a day.
I think those Damn self improvement books are so hard to finish..
Cos everytime I read a paragraph, I will ponder and reflect
‘am I like that?’ & finally conclude that oh dear… ‘im really like that!’…
Plus… ya well I admit that I kinda have no time to hang around at home to read
These days. Im like, out almost 6 days a week.
How to finish within the loan time?!

But I refused to pay for self help books.. simply because I know, I will never be able to
Apply the principles taught. Human are like leopards you know, we seldom change our spots.
& I do love visiting the library alone.

Work has been stressful lately. and I felt like crying yesterday when I feel so alone..
And there isnt anyone to support me. Really thank god that I waved that negative emotions
Off after a while, and choose to move on. Very soon, I found a solution to my issues, and hey
Though im not sure whats the outcome but at least im working on them!
It gives me a lot of feel-good pulses that im able to think on my feet and not give up.

Should I start swimming on Monday nights? Im like sooo lazy.
Sighz…. Fat tummy is my worst enemy ;(

my fav picture for now!

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

just got baCk from KL/Genting highlands.
another holiday gone! I did enjoy those relaxing and simply lazing around 3 days.
anyhow, genting was a tad too crowded for my liking.. yeah, i still prefer
walking around crowdless beach, musums, side walk cafes.. in a cool weather.
Sis and i went on a shopping spree and too bad, she lost even more $ at the casino. hahaz.
she was grumbling all the way...

i practically slept throughout the travelling time..
sUffered minor motion sickness n it was just great to pull at stops for munchies, drinks.
We ate practically non-stop throughout the whole road trip!
Have always enjoyed the Famous Amos and Baskin & Robbins ice cream there.
even visited the Ripley's Believe or not museum... haha quite crap but then pretty informative
and it was an eye opener indeed!
i bumped into a few khakis at Genting, i guess, everyone is heading there for
a short break over the holidays.

the most enjoyable time.. was having late night hot chocolate @ coffee bean, in the alfresco.
the talk was soothing.. and thanks for jUst being there.
Life seemed much simpler now :)


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