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its Just me & my thOughts.. walking Side by side.. on the Sandy beach.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
That Globe Thing

Instead of a snow globe.. i got a world globe!!!
hahaha! [rollz on floor laughing]

You can imagine the puzzled look on my face..
and i think my head also has question marks growing out of them!
No, i dont mean to laugh at you.. but this humour i will always remember.
I know it was unintentional.
Everytime i looked at the world globe on my cabinet, i just feel like smiling.

okayyy, now i will always remember that it is call a waterball. :)


Wee wee sms me yesterday and say that she had bought the My Girl dvd for me, as a gift. I have been searching high & low for it in the wrong places, and she remembers when i only briefly mentioned before. ahh... how sweet is that. Big hugz for that gal. Lotsa dinner appointment coming up this week.. post birthday celebrations. Man.. im gonna put on weight! but I'm so not complaining!

Gotten in touch with the new friends that i have made during the mission trip, Bangkok, Mae sot, Melbourne... its really cool to hear from them and catch up and each others' lives. You know, i always treasure friendships.

Ah.. Life is sweet.
Monday, November 27, 2006
Monday again
Its a MOnday, and its 2nd day of my heavy flowing period.
Feel like buying a dog. I think im too lonely at times.
But don’t worry la, im not an animal lover, but neither am I an animal abuser.
I will just let that remain as a thought.

Give me books, music or videos any time.
I like things & events that provoke my thought.
Not some meowing or barking creature and threatens me with their doeful eyes
everytime they need to eat, or a walk, or a hug.
Haha.. I think SPCA must thank people like me.
We don’t anyhow claim that we love pets very much,
then dumped them on the streets the very next.

Oh well.. the ‘beach’ feeling is coming back again.
Been too long since I saw the calming waters.
And feeling all coped up. That’s why.
Don’t assume you know me very well and thought that I cant let go of certain feelings. Like I’m being too possessive? That’s the worst mistake you have made.
I know what I am asking for. Its not overboard.

On a side note, I so want to go for buffet…
or have a good steak. Grrrrrrrr….
Wheeeet. Another weekend has fly by.
A didn’t do much weekends I supposed. On Friday it was still okay, but I felt exceptionally tired and I knew something was amissed. But still, I had coffee @ west coast [anyway, the WIFI at Macs was super duper lousy; slow; retarded] plus caught ‘Battle of the wits’ at Marina. By the time I was going home.. I’m falling asleep in the car already. Sat night plans were spoiled when my menses decided to arrive at 10:30pm at night when I was happily outside, having coffee with my friends. Darn. Then whole of Sunday suffered in cramps..
Who cares? Nobody man…

I got a business idea in the brewing… do you think it will work out?! OMG…. Should I really put up a business proposal and take part in the Start Up Singapore? I heard they will subsidized 50% of your start up costs for a biz. Should I go all the way?! I need a committee for brainstorming!
I is very lazy.
Thursday, November 23, 2006
Birthday baby

Why does work seemed unfinished? I’m quite sure im not the only one with this sentiment. I need a Hoegarden + some chips. Darn the sorethroat.

Met up with wee wee on Tues, and it was good to catch up again. Linda is now waiting for the baby to pop; joyance, busy with her work as usual I guess; and I contacted AC who says that she will meet up when Linda’s baby is out. Woah, so Linda, you better give it an extra push k! No later than 15th Dec :)

I love this unassuming life. I know the mood swings are sometimes getting to me.
Darn the pms monster. But still, I have people who cared, and I think sometimes they love me unconditionally. Why sometimes? Because humanz aren’t perfect lor. Sometimes they don’t love me enough.

Watched Happy Feet.. Mambo! And of cos, the story teaches us to treasure our uniqueness and giftings that God has given us. Don’t try to fit in, or think you are worthless, even when your dad doesn’t approve you of who you are. I like Ramon. He is a real joker and every time he talks/sing/dance, I laughed. I want a boyfriend like that. One who makes me laugh but is kind hearted.

Oh! How can I forget about my new Baby! Yes, I know every time I say baby, it means gadgets!
I bought a Toshiba laptop the other day. Hey its my birthday and I think I should pamper myself like that every year! :) I don’t know, next year might be a trip to Korea.. The baby is such a pretty gal. Shall post some photos of its slinky blue top. Niceee :)
Thursday, November 16, 2006
i miss them...

photos from the trip..
I Love Mae Sot~

Its like l have been dreaming..
the really memorable feelings from the Mae Sot trip are now reduced to flashes.. like snippets across my mind. How can human mind be so forgetful?
No matter how great the experiences are.. you just cant retain it.. in your heart, there is this longing of wanting to go back. But you know, you cant.

All the trips I have taken before laid bare before me.. and choosy as I am, I pick this mission trip, the least luxurious of all, the least wowed about place, and the least desired company - going with strangers. This trip is everything to me, and second to none. The lives I have came across, the child in my arms, the unfamiliar hands I held so firmly, the dusty roads, the wide fields, the road trips, the laughter, the language barrier.. it all means something to me.

I don’t know when will I have another chance to experience this once in a lifetime breakthrough. This trip that blessed me so much, nourished my heart; my soul. What is my calling God? I think it has always belong upfront on the battlefield.

Start to love the normadic life.. just like a lalang in the wind. Time just fly pass, and before you know it, we are all growing old. Older and wiser, older and more joyful. Thats who i wanna be.

Love Divine;
Joy unspeakable;
Overflowing in my soul...
Wednesday, November 01, 2006
My girl.. its over.

Halloween wheeze passed just like that.
Was invited to Monday night drinking with colleagues @ ICB. Terrible terrible. Getting tipsy on a Monday night is so disgusting bcos you know the tomorrow that come will be another long work day and another and another.. i think work has been very stressful these days. before my trip to Northern Thai. I must continue to grit my teeth and hang on until fri. A busy weekend, and then sunday night i will be off to Thai soil.

Don't things just happened in a flash? You waited & waited for it to come; and when it does, it is gone in a flash. I guess time is a v elusive factor. sometimes we think 10 days.. 1 mth.. 1 year is too long to bear. But when it passes by... we simply find it hard to slow it down.. or grab a hold on it. And we will be like, 'huh, over already meh?'

I wanna collect ‘Snow globes’.. you know the glass thing that contains water and pretty miniature stuff inside, when you shake it, it will be ‘snowing’ in that place? It nice to come with music & light. I haven’t seen one that comes with light though. So for my coming birthday, please give me this useless thing. Watching "My Girl" has made it so memorable for me. Sometimes we tell lies.. to protect another person. She told a great great lie in the end.. to make sure the male lead forget about her & returns back to his life. But know what? Everyone isn’t fooled.. they clearly see her true love for him when she told the lies.

The show is all about lies & how to tell lies well! I find that pretty insightful.. and like a breeze of fresh air. Haha. Lies if told in good intention, is good?
I’m still trying to figure that out. Pout.
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