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its Just me & my thOughts.. walking Side by side.. on the Sandy beach.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Perk me up

Attended 4 weddings, this month, and 2 more baby showers this weekend.
hmm time seemed not enough, im hardly having enough time for myself.
Gasping for breath!

I need a Perk me Up!
i guess recently things hv been flowing downstream.. or at least
my own mindset lead me to think so?
Angel is nice.. he bought me those salon type of iron for curls.. to cheer me up.
but at the same time, he starts to pile me with his demands n expectations.
how true when they say, good times dont laSt?
but... i can still take it. a small slip wont tear me down.

nOw.. i really want a perk me up.
Looking at a short trip in ApriL w my beloved frns.
keep them cOMing.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008
i need to randomly let off some steam.

Contentment is something so elusive for a large part of my life..
im constantly searchin for ways to impRove my life,
and yet at a much later part.. i found some regrets along the way.
is this the learning path as some say?
i know i treaded heavily towards the wrong direction many times,
and i insist on treading down that way..
even when i see nothing fruitful wil emerge.
have you felt tht way before?

no.. not disappointment. tis isnt a right word.
just mayb.. indifference.. and withdrawal.
just feel like letting everything go.
why isnt my life moving forward?
why am i not fruitful?

but am i complaining? NO. cos i have to be contented, that life is at
major parts peaceful like a river.
but am i happy? a resounding No.

with lack in rest, i cant even construct what i want to say in a complete
and comprehendable sentence.

i want to feel better. i want to feel good.

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