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its Just me & my thOughts.. walking Side by side.. on the Sandy beach.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007
Super heavy dinner bingeing on Sakae Sushi's Dinner buffet.
But time seemed to fly when we are having a good time as usual?
I was like so stuffing myself with sushi, handroll, fried Jap food, the beans
plus one free bowl of Udon, my stomach literally felt like bursting.
& lazy me just hailed a cab hOme.. :)

hehe.. i felt honoured when someone asked me to accompany him to
the army dunno wad wad wad dinner at the floating platform on esplanade.
so i asked if its free and do i need to wear a dress?
i feel shy if he has to pay for me, and i dont fancy wearing dresses unless i really have to.
He say no need to pay anything and no need to wear a dress.. just come as you are.
whee.. so i might just be dining on the floating platform! even before the NDP performances
have a chance to rehearse there. i hope its not to giddy.. haa.

Titus is very funny, he suddenly sms me at 9plus last night, and his sms says.
"i like to watch the 9pm show on channel 8. when i see fann, i will think of you..'
i really burst out laughing. NOT that i resembled fann wong, but when he got to know me
many many years back, He was my brad pitt, and i was his fann.
HAHAHAHA.. damn funny leh.

trIps coming up in May, June, July.. cant wait!
p/s: Mr soo, i really envy your paris trip in June.. & i mean REALLY ENVY.
i hope you take lotsa nice pictures and post them up on flickr. :


Monday, March 26, 2007

"the tRuth is....

with a Relationship,

Loneliness can still be your very good friend."

p/s: farewell nat nat, i will miss you always.
Had a great time at St James with you gals, i think this is a place where i
will visit again. But not the main hall.. though its happening.
next time i shall try the jazz lounge. very nice :)
Clubbing at least once a month? onz!

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Sunday, March 25, 2007
Guys Shite

Maybe i'm just more suitable to be alone :)
EnjOyed my guitar lessons on sat. I love MUSIC, they restore my soul.

Just talking to my friend the other day, and we concluded on the type of guys we met in our life so far... interesting points we shared!

1. The very accomodating, and trying to please me guys. usually they dont leave much impression, i am nice to them out of courtesy, just being polite.
BUT these guys are really sweet, they do the most saccharine things to touch you. though you just dont have the feel yet they continue to be nice to you for the rest of your life.

2. There are also guys that i cannot be bothered with, whose egos are so big that they burst right into my face.

3. Then there are those that seemed to have a connection with you, and is like a SNAG, so sensitive to you that you are wondering if they are your best friends wearing pants, then, you realised they have the same motive as type 1. BUT after a while of non-response, they lost interests n move on. No time wasted.

4. Guys who readily gets on my friends lists are those who are always willing to listen or be a listening ear. They might be attached, and you feel the most comfortable talking to them, as there are no strings attached. you know, things wont go very wrong.

5. Popular guys who are smart, witty and humourous, offered to pay for meals and a ride home. they charmed me right out of my bones. BUT these are the ones that I dont trust. Too sleek. Usually, they also have a wide circle of galfriends.

Anyhow, Guys and gadgets are meant to make my life complicated.
Bring them on~

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
i dislike the feel of dry skin on my face..
and i dislike small little bumps on my cheeks forming into pimples
i hate it that when i sipped a glass of cold water, the stomach start
to scream 'cramp'!...
i hate having headaches for no rhyme or reasons
and i hate sleepless nights when i toss and turn
i dont like feeling less secure than usual
and i hate that irreversible scenario when i yelled at you

thank you pms.. for all this shite.

Movie watch:
i like the cinematography & directing.
tasteful scenes of nude and making love. and storyline.
and the funny creatures at war.
and they spiced up the what seemed to be like a usual gory war movie.
i like surprises :)

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Sunday, March 11, 2007
Sick alredi
From a heaty lump in my neck.. escalated to high fever and sorethroat amd running to the loo [yeah, when im heaty, my stomach also needs some release].
i need antibiotics, lotsa water, and restful sleep.

i was still boasting about not falling sick over the lunar new year. guess i spoke too fast.
the after effects of the late nights, and
irregular sleeping hours these 2 weeks have been a toiled on my health.
more often than not. i battle tiredness and went out after work.
just wanted to get work out of my mind and make full use of my time..
i guess, its time to slow down.. again.
im glad the biological alarm in me is still working well.
not too late... its never too late.

Had lotsa fun with my k800i these few days.
i must say, i'm a total convert to Sony Ericsson now.
Really, the features are wonderful and the keypad feels so wonderful in my hands when i'm
pressing it. the screen resolution is ace, user interface is user friendly,
camera? needless to say.
and NO strong radiation to my brains! yeah.
I heart Sony Ericsson.

watched M&L... something is missing from that mOvie.
those feel good comedy romance needs strong chemistry between the leads..
and from Huge Grant, you can tell he is acting.
Well, he did play the part of a passee pop singer well.. but his romantic moves are too sleek..
and it leaves me wondering..
i did have a strong doubt in my mind, that did he really fell for sophie fisher?
or was it a 'i-need-you-to-supply-lyrics-to-me,
and you-are-quite-a-looker-i-dont-mind-having-sex-with-you,
you-love-me-more-than-i-love-you-so-i-dont-have-to-put-in-too-much-efforts kinda reasons??!

the movie didnt leave me feeling warmth and fuzzy like The Wedding Singer, 50 dates.
its just left me w those sleek one-liners from Grant that is making me laugh out loud.
but still watchable la. Have a jolly good sunday.. :)

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Thursday, March 08, 2007
my new toy.. Sony Ericsson k800i..
I will grow to love you i promised.
i didnt thought i would buy the above phone.. prob cos of the bulk
but the phone features was a pretty nice packaged i must say.
had alot of sagas with the trade off of my beloved.
alot of running arounds.. and im really tired.
that stupid gal at the samsung service centre went to make some markings on my
warranty seal without telling me at least.
& pple immediately know its a corroded set. Damn.

But I heart M1. they accepted when they test the functions & it was
working well. thank god.
well.. its all a new beginning now.. and yeah,
i will treat you well.
well.. if you find someone who treats their gadgets like a baby/lover..
that's me. and i talk to them cooingly most of the time.
i think, gadgets are out to complicate my life..
not that im complaining much.
thanks dear sis for accompanying me :)

there's a new guy, i mean 2 new guys in my office [but who pays attention to the
old & short guy anyway?] well.. the other.. is quite a looker, trendy, with a diamond
studd in his ear. hmm.. how do i rate guys w ear stud?
freaking cool.

now, i wonder how long they will last as traders?

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Drop Dead
TMD. My beloved D900 dropped into the bowl without prior warning!!
I was just closing the door and happily turning around to prepare to do some business
in the toilet. And it slipped out.. flew out of my hand just like that!
The carbon material is too good already.

yeah, ask me what was i doing w my Handphone in my hand in the toilet?
i was just gonna sms Jess Chan happy birthday... shite man.
aRgh.. i cannot come to terms as i was usually not that careless...
Anything bad that will happen, is going to happen!!

Had to sacrifice lunch and bring it to Samsung Service centre...
guess what before i could cook up any excuses. the consultant take a look
at the small litmus slip on the battery [yes, HANDPHONE techonolgies are that advance now!]
and told me with a blank face, sorry corrosion will immediately void your warranty.
But she was still kind enough to ask her service people to blow dry every parts..
and make sure the phone is revived before passing it back to me.
Her last words were...
'I advise you to trade off your phone asap.. it will only be hours when the
parts will get rusty.. and your phone wil malfunction.
We dont know when that will happen. but dont keep your phone anymore..'

I guess... today wil be the last that i will see of my beloved..
Its just another big fat, lousy day.


Monday, March 05, 2007
uNbreak my heart

it's not so much what we say,
as the manner in which we say it.

it's not so much the language we use,
as the tone in which we convey it.

"Come here!" I sharply ordered; and a child cowered and wept.
"Come here," I softly whispered; and into my arms he crept.

words may be mild and fair, but the tones pierce like a dart.
Words may be soft as summer air, but the tone can break heart.


Me> withOut you, i think my world has come to a standstill. I miss you man.

Rocky Bolboa>
Its not how hard you can fight, its how you are able to take the hardest hits of life, and tell yourself, keep moving on, keep moving forward..

Seducing Mr Perfect>
Love is about self-respect. you cannot lose the self respect when you are in love. yOur partner wont appreciate it.

Just follow Law>
There are 2 things that you dont know.
This you also dont know; that you also dont know.


Friday, March 02, 2007
That drifting feeling..

Yesterday’s entry was actually entered half way.
Hmm.. something happened, and I felt like I have let someone down.
The same feelings I always get, and I always hate..
& I’m doing it to someone nOw.
Guess I cant beg enough for your forgiveness..
but seeing you sad, really affects me right down to my soul.
Just like what works for me every time, Time will make me a stronger person.

Had an okay company dinner yesterday.
Everything was extravagant, but the company sucked. I don’t think I will ever fit into the rat race, everyone-for-themselves kinda culture. Even though the welfare is really good.
I really need to think how long am I going to endure the shite. I feel like I’m buying time, and yet to do what? I dunno. 2 of my work khakis have plans to leave by April. Though we are in different shoes, as their bosses are utterly lousy to begin with. I still feel a tinge of sadness.

It’s a Friday and I really hope I do not have these much to think.
Cheer up gal.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Seducing Mr perfect is quite a light hearted shOw.. and yUmmy..
the perfect body of Daniel Henney leaves us gals weak in the stOmach.
It was enjoyable, and very sweet to watch with you.

Err.. Company dinner tOnight, followed by St James POwerstation?
kinda hOping to have a drink, but i'm already having a hangover before anything started.
Cos i only slept at close to 2am yesterday.


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