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its Just me & my thOughts.. walking Side by side.. on the Sandy beach.

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Monday, April 30, 2007
Seriously, sometimes I forgot what I wrote in this blog.
I can watched a hundred hours of movies, and realised i have forgtten to tune in to my favourite show. Recently suffering a series of blurness.. like lost in translation.

I really wish the company can give us 1 week off, even though this week is a short week. There are some renovation going on [yes, again!] and its terrible, dusty, noisy, smelly, my skin is very sensitive de lor.

Recently, I met a very nice financial planner. He treats me to nice meals.. and invited me to his office to share with me in details about my financial plan. At the same time, I was enjoying the free massage from OSIM I-Squeeze in his office. How cool is that?
But we are doing seirous things ok, we wu zhor kang one. And im not exactly a big fish but I guess I’m a nice gal :)

Actually nothing really gets on my nerves these days.. even those that usually gets on my nerves, I will just wave it off with nonchalance. I don’t really give a hoot to people who cant bother to respect others. Yes, in every relationship, having respect is important.
Anyways, I’m taking it real easy. so I got nothing much to rant about.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

wooo hooo... here i come. :)
a much looked forward company trip.. hey the company trip's polo tee looks good too!
luckily our company name n logo looks like Converse.. haha so quite stylo.

Had a very memorable weekends... wasnt in sg though
i was on top of the world at 83 floors.. overlooking nice skyline n landscape.
those are the days that i would love not to forget.

x x x

i bought some funny tee shirts, with loud wordings as such:

'Finding Somebody'
and one a checklist, with the tick on the word 'Single'.
'Excuse me, can you tell me where to find a real man?'

haha.. so far have only worn the first one. im checking out people's response
when they look at my tee. Mayb some hunks will offer me their phone number??
siao ar.. im not so despO la...

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Thursday, April 19, 2007
its just anOther of those...
CANT wait to gO home dae.

doing pretty ok in my guitar lessons now,
instructor [quite handsome one i must say]
praised that i have a good sense of rhythm n feel.
he thought i know how to play other
instruments. sad to say... guitar is my first.
ya, not even harmonica or the flute like thing with lotsa holes
that makes alot of noise. I dont even know how to play thOse :(

went tangos n met up w my Financial planner. He is a nice chap.. n v chatty
but humble and nice. we practically talked the 2 hours through and left 15 mins
to settle our 'important issues'. Tango's food is really not bad.. i havent had such
a filling dinner in a long time. im watching wad i eat during dinner to as not to hv
an over bulging tummy! dOing crunches at night b4 i sleep [if i remember];
and climbing 9th floor to my unit when i get home [if im not too tired] are the only
exercises i get in a week! ok, i supposed playing badminton once a month
doesnt count right? haha.

yeah.. going for short trips all over the place.
hey man, this is life :)

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Mr Boombastic

Nada Sou Sou.
Think i will just buy vcd to watch for this one..
ya, dont like sappy love stories anymore.
especially the ones that made me depressed instead of making me weep.
anOther farewell lunch todae.
Bye Bye Rene, may all be fine with you, in your entrepreneurship. :)
thanks for the friendship and lunches that we had.
Yesterday i met a potential financial planner. He is quite alright,
and i think doing financial planning at the right age really will help us to
become millionaire in 30 years time. No kidding.
He did tell me confidently.. but i dunno how much capital is he talking about here?
haha.. anyhow, start on the right step is important.
i better stop my own speculations of unit trusts [though im not losing any money yet]
and entrusts my $$ to him. His charges are pretty reasonable & promised to provide
a comprehensive financial planning proposal for me.
The fact that he is also a christian sets me heart at ease.
1. He wont swindle my money
2. He wont only think of moeny, above integrity
Anyway, investing is about not losing money!
Yesterday i also went to this salsa club.. what an eye opener..
the very place that a nerd can find his own paradise and gets to dance
and touched intimately [in the name of salsa] thOse pretty, tall, lanky gals..
this is heaven to them. sOrry man, maybe im toO frank..
i jUst dont fancy strangers [especially geeky looking nerds w lusty smile] with their hands all Over me.
Yes, dancing is OKAY.
But nOt sitting on a stranger guy's hips.. and him swaying while his hip is rubbing my inner thighs? NO WAY. [by the way, thats another form of latin dance call bacruda? or something along that line. NOt that i bothered.
Anyway, it was fun to watch them dance 'Radar' [made of many dancing couples]
where one guy will be shouting the 'salsa steps' command, and everyone follows the dance step.
also gets to exchange partners in progress. that looks like fun & its the most
entertaining dance of the night.
yeah, god bless my soul.

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Monday, April 02, 2007
would you?
would you think of me when things are not going your way?

would u think of the funny conversations we had in your car..
and the complains sessions that we both had?

would you think of the nice resturant food and hope that
i was there to share the meal with you?

would you go for a drink.. and suddenly went quiet
cos i wasnt there to have a toast with you?

would you be watching a movie.. and during a hilarious scene,
found that the person beside you had a different laughter from me?
or would you feel like crying, and realised,
there is no one to cry with you.

would you feel like chatting online.. and when you saw my nick offline,
feel a tinge of disappointment?

would you miss me when you are gone?
would you..?

p/s: the truth is, everybody moves on.. sooner or later.

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