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its Just me & my thOughts.. walking Side by side.. on the Sandy beach.

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Sunday, March 20, 2005
anOther weEkend..
gOsh~ another weekend disappearin into thin aiR again.
here i am.. gasping for breath. i wanna sniff it one last time.. sobz sobz.

i went for a luxurious treatment for my nails todaY.. and i meant luxurious. Wasnt being ushered into some cramp corners where they conveniently set up the mani/pedi shOp. In fact Nail expert at suntec was huge (ok.. free advertising starts here) ... occupying 3 units in all! Was seated comfortably in a cave like sofa area with individual space, while having jacuzzi for my feet.. reading magazine, sipping earl grey.. and having a nice lady tending to me. Felt so pampered for a full 90 mins! hahah~

oh oh oh... nearly fOrgot, sat, went to visit a frn's mum who had parkinson's disease. she underwent a tedious brain cum chest surgery to do a implant that will use battery to stimulate the brain to produce a 'juice' which is needed to command the disobedient nerves in her brain.. to reduce her 'spasms' n losing control of her limbs. her head was shaven like a nun.. w wires pokin out of her top skull.. yet, what a wonderful a lady she is, chatting abt the operation as if she was the dOcter instead of the patient! she even jOked that she is now a part machine-part human mutant. i felt like huggin her and applaudin her for the tremendous courage and optimism. when aSked why did she choose to go for the major op, she laughed and said she'd rather live a healthy persOn or not live at all~ hmm.... when will i gather that kind of cOurage?

all in all~ niceee... shall loOk forward to the lOng weekend~ yeh.

~its the way i feel tOnight... everythin will be alrite..

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