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Wednesday, March 09, 2005
i need peace, quietly...
Right, so company jus got ISO certified... obviously, there are tons of work to be done for Publicity..

Learning Point:
Bosses, they will grab every opportunity to shine their own asses.

By April im expected to roll out a ISO publicity campaign.. shall make use of this week to do some serious planning... 'When you fail to plan, you plan to fail'!

Angel was discharged this arvo.. thank God.. he is still going back for physio, but at least doc didnt deem that he needs to stay for further observations. really pray that he can recover completely.. no side effects.
yest nite i was feeling so drained.. sat quietly next to his hospital bed.. holding his hand while we talk.. about nothing. i switched off the tv, cant stand those blaring noise. my mind was still quite warped..
at least there was peace there and we talked till there was peace within me.

finally i was able to sleep soundly throughout the night... think im really tired.

do take care...  


thanks :)
you seemed so quiet lately..  


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