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its Just me & my thOughts.. walking Side by side.. on the Sandy beach.

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Thursday, March 03, 2005
PrinceSs Temper
i hv this weakness..
simply cant hide my feelings... esp when im unhappy, angry or frustrated abt something.
some lame guy (ya, lamer than the one before) kept interrogating me during lunch about my JD.
no matter how i tried to explain to him, he still wanna probe further & he is from the quality dept, totally off key w me.
irene also cant stand his manner, we jus refused to say more.
i think he can go and be a CID for all i care~
thank my lucky star that.. his last day is tmr..

on our way back...
irene commented that i seemed pek chek with the guy when i replied his qns..
i didnt know it was that obvious lor... guess thats just me. ;p
Happy or not Happy, its written all over my face and
shown in the displeasure in my tone of voice.
No wonder soulmate always say that my face changed upon hearing things i dun agree with..
thot he is pulling my leg , now i know it has some truth though..
i thot i hv changed for the better, yet still cant change that flaw.. hee.
STILL have my Princess Temper after all these years.
Something that i will bring to my grave ba..! hahah~

no wonder pple call me MISSY.. siGh.

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