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Thursday, December 04, 2008
hey its me..
whew.. the past months flew by in a flashed.
some interesting updates

started a new job in July, and i jus tendered my resignation. specialised in events management etc.. tired tired.. health is taking a toil, 4 months of endurance so i think i better pull the plug early! thats me.. not very $-driven kind. haa.

busy with all the housing n wedding prep. yup im finally allowing myself to get off the shelf, after some internal conversations between my heart and my mind ;p Mixed feelings, cos a new future awaits. lifestyle changing. well i guess everyone go through this stage ya. many of my friends are already married and having kids. i wonder how is life in their shoes? oh ya, should i pick a gown that i look stunning in? or one that i feel comfortable in? shucks.

i have met some really nice folks, and some not so nice people in my worklife. my philosophy in life is, i cant be bothered about them cos they are not my ultimate destiny. they think they are bigshot in the company, for goodness sake, they are just pathetic puppets who have no choice but to act tough/put on mask etc. But for the really nice folks, i will truly cherish them. learnt alot about myself, through the hectic and demanding job, also about people around me.. for those people who fell into office politics, its really a choice and an attitude, i dont understand their mentally of playing mind games. im so tired at time. i just want to maintain my honesty and truthfulness. and do my work A**holes. now my marketing experience includes Events, which is cool! also handling websites like joomla, and using PHP. those are really good freewares to set up own business in future. thank god for opening my eyes!

Feels good to take a break now. and wait to charge when the next round of waves come around. yeah, just like surfing yah. niceee.

know what?.. the 1 year death aniversary for irene jus passed. i think of her often. i dunno why? the way she indulge in food even though she needs to lose weight. the way she provided for her entire family without any complains though she is same age as me. the way she lie in the coffin with her hair pin up like how she always do. i miss you my friend. i miss you even though you are so faraway and time is supposed to wash away the pain. i still feel the lost.

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