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Thursday, July 05, 2007
Transformed my eyes

Poor korean colleague. Heard he quarrelled with his wife..
and kana locked out of the house.. and had to spend the night in the car…
so poor thing.
This era still got this kind of thing one meh? Im thoroughly appalled.
Leads me to think what would I do if I were the wife? Would I
make my hubby sleep in the car?
I don’t think I can bear to do that to any human that I respect.

LASIK ops in another 4 hours time.. rushing through my audit paperwork,
Then meeting the quality people to finalise things and I’m out of here.
Thank god the nurse reminded me that no perfume is allow..
So I didn’t put any today, and I brought along my facial wash to clean up my make up
B4 I go for my surgery….
Haiz, its an irony, but quite excited to go through the surgery process.
Am I sickening or what?

I just hate the fact that my eyes will sting n teared after the ops..
the journey of going home where I can barely open my eyes..
and cant touch my eye area or wash it for a few days.
Im a hygiene freak.

Okay, I hope I don’t end up a heap of nerves later in the surgery room..
and repeat my folly of making the doctor as nervous as me by exclaiming that I cant breathe!

God pls pls pls bless me… gimme perfect vision in both eyes ya.
Thank you.

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