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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Prevailing Generation!


The malacca trip was fabulous. Not cos I ate the chicken rice ball, or peranakan food. I think I only spent about 100 RM over the 4 days?? I felt spiritually alive and rejuvenated after the trip. Totally. What is amazing is god spoke to many of us. And each were personal things.. it gave me, a sense of purpose in this life. We spent unhurried time dwelling in His words, and presence. Well, yes im the contemplative sort and I really don’t think im able to survive the next 30 years just living this life in a blur. And become an old hag? Its so NOT me.

We had like theme night, and we our group dressed up as pirates! It was much fun, nonsense and our pastor acted as cinderella which had all of us rolled on the floor laughing. Everyone was a sporting bunch. Tiredness seeped in after the trip, but truly, everyone of us is in a spiritual high, and we even had a mini Superstar session on the coach on the way back to singapore.
Well.. if you count the Hokkien songs in as well.

On a more melancholic note, managed to sort out somethings which had been
troubling me for quite some time now.. months turned into years. i am finally
able to lay it down, and let it go. i guess, life is really about moving on..
the past holds nothing for us anymore.
What we need is really to see what the future holds.
And any decisions we make down, will affect the life we are living in 5 years,
10 years down the road. So, dont waste time Chasing after wind anymOre..

God, thank you, for quenching my thirst and giving me a purpose.

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