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its Just me & my thOughts.. walking Side by side.. on the Sandy beach.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007
So many things.. so little time
shoot. i spent almost $600 on spreeing online.
that is like averagely $200 per month!
starting my ABT exercise class again nx monday, after 1 month's break...
time to get those butts going again. hmm... i slimmed down quite abit after my
throat infection, n tsk tsk... no more gettin so sick again!

When i look at my calendar, I'm totally fully booked!

This Fri, meeting jess & soo
Sat, ktv w jean n gals
Sun, church n shopping

Nx tues, meeting wee wee & gals
Wed, Coy open house, & CG @ night
Thurs, Angel's bday celebration, yeah.
Fri, on leave to do last min shopping
Sat, Caroling at NUH [who wanna join me?!]
Sun, church @ suntec city...The ROCK

Nx nx Mon, Coy cmas celebration, prepare dessert.
[this always reminds me of the memorable milk yogurt dessert that jess prepared b4...
everyone's still talking abt it!]

I still hv to slot in a Family Cmas celebration, & gathering with sec sch frns.
woah~ i better treasure whatever time i hv at home to sleep...
and wrap pressies. haha.

keep it simple.

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