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Monday, March 28, 2005
finally.. rationale arrives
this thing dawned upon me...

you know why love story in movies or serials are so touching, unforgettable and 轰轰烈烈?
because whatever time we spend in real life takes months and sometimes even years to develop.. to cultivate.. to nuture.
yet.. in reel life.. those are compacted into hours, minutes and seconds.
think about it.

there's nothing to be envied about.. because time is not a constant factor.
whatever seemed to take minutes in the reel to change a person's life could in fact take forever.
whatever seemed like seconds in life, could last for an eternity.

suddenly, all things makes sense. haa~
this fat ass mind of my is always full of ridiculous rationales to defeat my own fantasies.

haa glad that u realize life's no fantasy.
so get real! (pun not intended) :p  


its like coming back to 原点. its just another learning experience.. plotted into my life.

whats the greatest regret in life? is it not knowing love.. or is it not having dreams?  


haa...feel that the greatest regret is not about not knowing or not having.
but about not doing anything at all when one know or have something...  


*clap clap*
take the step of faith and go for it.

erm...but if we see a solid wall right infront, remember to wear a crash helmet.. ;p  


haha yes indeed one must have faith!
for better or worse, faith shall carry one to n even thru these solid walls...
crash helmet not needed~ ;p  


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