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its Just me & my thOughts.. walking Side by side.. on the Sandy beach.

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Monday, November 27, 2006
Wheeeet. Another weekend has fly by.
A didn’t do much weekends I supposed. On Friday it was still okay, but I felt exceptionally tired and I knew something was amissed. But still, I had coffee @ west coast [anyway, the WIFI at Macs was super duper lousy; slow; retarded] plus caught ‘Battle of the wits’ at Marina. By the time I was going home.. I’m falling asleep in the car already. Sat night plans were spoiled when my menses decided to arrive at 10:30pm at night when I was happily outside, having coffee with my friends. Darn. Then whole of Sunday suffered in cramps..
Who cares? Nobody man…

I got a business idea in the brewing… do you think it will work out?! OMG…. Should I really put up a business proposal and take part in the Start Up Singapore? I heard they will subsidized 50% of your start up costs for a biz. Should I go all the way?! I need a committee for brainstorming!
I is very lazy.

Me! Me! Me! I'll brainstorm with ya!  


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