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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Mid wEek
Totally unthinkable. How can I not even finish a book in 2 weeks??
I have flunk my own standards of literacy… I used to set a standard of finishing
an entire book by a day.
I think those Damn self improvement books are so hard to finish..
Cos everytime I read a paragraph, I will ponder and reflect
‘am I like that?’ & finally conclude that oh dear… ‘im really like that!’…
Plus… ya well I admit that I kinda have no time to hang around at home to read
These days. Im like, out almost 6 days a week.
How to finish within the loan time?!

But I refused to pay for self help books.. simply because I know, I will never be able to
Apply the principles taught. Human are like leopards you know, we seldom change our spots.
& I do love visiting the library alone.

Work has been stressful lately. and I felt like crying yesterday when I feel so alone..
And there isnt anyone to support me. Really thank god that I waved that negative emotions
Off after a while, and choose to move on. Very soon, I found a solution to my issues, and hey
Though im not sure whats the outcome but at least im working on them!
It gives me a lot of feel-good pulses that im able to think on my feet and not give up.

Should I start swimming on Monday nights? Im like sooo lazy.
Sighz…. Fat tummy is my worst enemy ;(

my fav picture for now!

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