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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Shell shocked
I really got a shock. An ex col who left in april.. my lunch khaki.. same age as me.
She wanted to meet up for lunch but always had something on.
Then she msn me.. say she diagnosed with Lukaemia… already on chemo therapy and lost all her hair… I was damn shocked. She say her husband took leave n stayed w her in hospital… 2 weeks liao.

Really shocking… im speechless man. Very sad… she had plans to set up her own biz, hv kids.. etc.. barely 3 mths after she quit.. life dealt her with this blow. She doesnt know.. if she will die. And when will she die. When i heard that.. i really teared.

What pastor say is right… don’t look at things that are temporal n will pass away… look at things that are of eternal value. Our current life will surely pass away. Start investing your life in something permanent today.. make a difference in someone else's life. what kind of legacy will you leave on?

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Pple who cherish life always says, "Life is fragile" coz you can't stop it from slipping away when it is up.

My family have a long history of cancer too. I myself have been in and out of hospitals for a couple of unknown lumps removal as well. End last year, when doctor says I MAY have cervical cancer, I tot "that's it!" Didn't even dare tell my family, just went for futher check-up to confirm. Now, things looks good but I am still monitoring. Telling you so you won't be surprise if one of these days I just pass on.  


huh... now im shocked.

and you like never whine before abt this. not that you whine abt anything. oh dear... speechless.
you are the second strong women i met in this single week. i hope the
world is fill with more of such people. it will be a better place.  


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