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its Just me & my thOughts.. walking Side by side.. on the Sandy beach.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007
FOOD Cravings

The adventures of a PMSsy gal.
She went to gobber up 2 whole crayfish, and left 1 for her friend. She left the whole plate of oysters omelette untouched.. cos she don’t like the smell.
After that, went West coast park to chill out and try to kill some ades mosquitoes.

She decided to also tackle some chilli crab @ JUMBO, travelling ALL the way to East coast. Whats with her and parks these days?? Plus, had Satay as side dish. Then watching people fall hard into water at the CABLE Skiing Park gives her a thrill. Those bummers are having so much fun, they deserved it.

Just yest, it had to be Prata and Roti John, and then smacked people left, right, centre during games of American Pool. Suddenly, the PMSsy hormones got lifted up when the winning adrelina rushed to her head.

Snacks, black chocolate, bananas… she indulge in them like clockwork.
Lashing out at people, feeling like the end of the world, having enormous moodswings are her perocative … Long Live the Princess.

Sigh.. sometimes I am just so damn attitude!! Haha..
- Just so damn sickening hilarious.
If you can dont laugh abit, i owe you a hundred bucks.

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