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Wednesday, August 01, 2007
Something i read in a book that anyone will find it useful... haha
ways to getting a man's lasting attraction is NOT to do the below:

Here are some examples of neediness and insecurity:

• Hanging on a man or touching him too much,
especially in public. If you are constantly taking the
initiative to be in physical contact with a man, he’ll
eventually take it as clingy behavior. Instead, if you
want to touch him, save it for short and infrequent
moments that will surprise and enchant him.

• Talking or saying negative things about other
women. When women call other women names like
‘slut’, ‘bitch’, or ‘crazy’, it doesn’t impress a man. Lots
of women often do this when they see a good looking
and attractive woman, or with women they know their
guy is attracted to. Guys aren’t impressed by this.
They’ll think you’re just covering up your own
insecurities and looking for validation and attention.

• Talking or saying all kinds of nasty things about
your past boyfriends and past relationships.
Doing this reflects on you more negatively than you
might think. It also makes a man think you’re
insecure and that you have “baggage.” All this spells
ISSUES from past relationships that he knows will be
a pain for him to deal with.

• Acting overly emotional. If a man sees that you get
rattled, upset, or frustrated too easily, he’ll see you as
insecure and think that you’ll do this to him as well—
which will scare him away from you.

• Trying too hard for attention is a turn-off. When
women try to act too sexy, too funny, too cool, or too
smart, they end up looking stupid and men will think
they’re uncomfortable with who they are. Don’t do it.
If you’re any of these things, he’ll notice you in a
negative way. The best way to get noticed is to be
subtle and suggestive.

• Creating drama. This is the absolute worst thing to
do. Some women feel like they need to turn a simple
point into something big and important. They go
about this by arguing about it or turning the
discussion into a conflict. Clearly it says to a man that
you’re insecure if you get off balance with the little
things. You might be right, but it’s damaging to your
love life and the degree of comfort he has with you.
Men hate intense drama, and they instantly assume
that’s what a relationship with you would be filled
with it.

Well done!!


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