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Sunday, August 12, 2007

I was thinking of posting something happy.. and maybe put up a happy photo or two.
but recently things seemed a little bleak.

Im sick, AGAIN. i remember about not eating too much heaty stuff
and not having too many late nights. but i forgot.. if i adhere to them everyday?
a little slip shot here and there.. and my throat gets the damn infection.
its like clockwork!

Relationship is stable.. and sometimes a little blend? but anyhow, i like it blend.
had my fair share of rollar coastal that at this moment, i just wanna stay on the ground for a while.
Went to visit my grandma at the cemetry on National Day.
Really missed her, and i'm sure if she is around, she will be very ashamed of me,
that i do not count my blessings in life.

I keep asking God, what is it that im looking for in life? What makes me tick?
the answers just came back echoish. Faith, is what i need. Sometimes, i really feel like
calling it quits. Giving it all up..

When was the last time that i was really really happy?
zilch. The thing to look forward:
9 days trip to shanghai, hangzhou, jiangnan....... etc. Let's hope it is happening.

Erm... on a materialistic note, the vainpot in me decided to endure the pain,
and went to do eyebrow embroidery... spent $198! Got back some pain... and of cos
a pair of nicely drawn brows [luckily not auntie looking] haha...
i have always envied people with arch brows.
i was born with 'Yi Zhi Mei' [straight one stroke brows]... and im tired of looking at it,
trying to draw an arch hopelessly everytime.
Now everywhere i go, i start to beow people's eyebrow.. checking out
to see if its natural or embroided or planted.
The creative brows [planted ones] cost 1000+ a pair. No Kidding ok!

Then i discover, my threshold for pain isnt that very high.
Bye bye to plastic surgery.

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